Simonson Station Store, Williston, Inspirit

Experience with agency Inspirit was positive.
All praise for the guys . From the beginning, they were there for us , for all our questions . Professionally they have done their part , do not have a single remark on their work. Timely us informed about everything , we had understanding for us and helped us a lot in this program . They also took care of us during our stay in the USA , regular contact us to make sure we're all good, advised us.

Experience with location Williston, ND was positive.
Williston is a small town in North Dakota. The locals are very friendly , willing to help whatever you need. It has a lot of work , almost every building looking for workers . If you are worthy , and you want to do, Williston is the right place for it. If you want fun and outings , then you are in the wrong place . The town has several bars and a disco , however, is not a good time. As far as the climate is very unusual. Summer mornings are cold , the day was quite warm, but the evenings are cooler . It is interesting to note that Eve falls only about 23h , the sun still shines in 22h :)

Experience with employer Simonson Station Store was positive.
$ 11 per hour, minimum 40 hours per week Job description: I had a feeling I was going to work , I felt like I was going to socialize . When I arrived to work, I drink coffee , and slowly start with their obligations . First, you need to train the trot ( count the money brought into trot ) , and then to serve customers. When there are no crowds (this is the busiest gas station in the city) , it should be clear and jog operation , fill the empty shelves of goods , overwrite dust , express trash. Is not difficult nor hard work , the employer is a fantastic person as well as other staff . Of course, the work is unavoidable socializing with other employees to students.

This review represents personal opinion of Jovana I. who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2012 with agency Inspirit, working at Simonson Station Store in Williston, ND.

Jul 15, 2016