Mc Donald’s, Williston, ND, Inspirit, Novi Sad

Experience with agency Inspirit was positive.
Very positive , relaxed and prompt staff. In my case is filled with everything that was said .

Experience with location Williston, ND was positive.
I came to America on June 1 , and the extra work I found on the beginning of July . In the meantime I worked for a few one- time jobs . The point is to be persistent. I've wanted to work in one hotel where I filled out the application, but did not call me , so I went back there and they hired me .

Experience with employer McDonalds was positive.
Hours : 9 Number of hours per week : 35-40 The most glad to me was working at the cash register because of the constant communication with people , although sometimes they can be difficult . French fries part of the job I never liked because it was once a peaceful , but once is a huge crowd , you should turn into a machine for making french fries at a temperature of 500 degrees. In the end, we decrease the number of working hours, what I did not like . A lot of mate w&t student , which is great.

This review represents personal opinion of Medolino who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2012 with agency Inspirit, working at McDonalds in Williston, ND.

Aug 13, 2016