The Grand Williston Hotel & Conference Center (Airport International Inn), Williston, ND, Experience

Experience with agency Experience was positive.
The team that works in Belgrade is very devoted to each student and will always tell you frankly how things stand . They will try to deal with your stubbornness - " So in addition as many beautiful places , I is not mad not to go to the North Dakota ... Let me see something else ... " that you face the reality - " In America, no milk and honey , to go with no expectations and you main motive is a new experience," will give you all the information you have and help you to prepare ... Ma emperors :)

Experience with location Williston, ND was positive.
The town is small, completely flat and relatively fresh year (often the wind blows , and if you 're lucky like me, you will see a tornado , and somewhere in the distance ) . It consists of a multitude of people who came to the side just to make profits (mainly in the oil fields ) and to return home . So there are not many places to go out , shopping centers , etc. . This is what could be the biggest advantage of this small town - and you will, you have nowhere to spend , so you'll certainly be able to after treat yourself and memorable trip and return fine amount. How hard is it to come across someone who is actually from Williston , the Yanks will learn from all other countries (meaning the same as the Dakota in New York - it's hard to find a true locals :)) , which would , there could be another beautiful page . .. It is relatively close to Roosevelt national park that is much more beautiful and should be visited while you're there.

Experience with employer The Grand Williston Hotel & Conference Center (Airport International Inn) was positive.
Hours: 7.5 server, other work 15 hours per week: 38 + 36 Average tip: 300 Jobs have been interesting to me, because of the work itself, because of the people I was meeting. The restaurant itself served food and drink, and if necessary at the bar. We had an employee meal for three dollars, and with it a good nip, and by the way :) Almost every day was a good atmosphere at work, a joke with the team from the kitchen, bar, front desk manager at ... was very kind and went out of the maximum meet when it comes to hours and fitting schedules with my other work (although it did not have to work, because that is my primary hotel). The restaurant was often half-empty, so it was not hard, and while I have a good fun and fine earned. Additional job I found quite by accident over the net before I went to America, so I had two jobs since day one. Here I have also been in contact with people, what I meant because of the English, and you have the opportunity to hear and see all sorts of things :) All in all, a perfect combination of business for my criteria - contact with people, dynamic jobs and wages.

This review represents personal opinion of Marija who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2014 with agency Experience, working at The Grand Williston Hotel & Conference Center (Airport International Inn) in Williston, ND.

Aug 6, 2016