Washington, DC

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  • It's very nice.

  • 4 stations from Monument, White House, US Capitol. Target, Giant and Wallmart at 1 station. The metro station is about 15 minutes away from the accommodation. 2 bedrooms, bathroom, terrace, living room, fully equipped kitchen.

  • Beautiful nature, bike friendly, friendly people.

  • Beautiful, multicultural city in which possibilities are enormous.

  • I was living in Washington DC, capital city of United States. City full of history, monuments, museums. Washington is city where young, working orientated people live.Also it is place of possibilities and opportunities.

  • Washington Dc! ? it is simply not possible not to "fall in love" with this city. It is beautiful! The fact that the main talk a lot about how beautiful and developed. Washington is a city that offers so many features that I think it is not possible not to manage it. Many monuments and museums located here. Even those who do not like so much tourism (like me for example) remain speechless when they see what Washington has to offer. In addition to these tourist attractions of the city is rich in nightclubs, bars, restaurants, fast food. In addition to everything that surrounds it is easy to find another job. If you have a SSN (social security number), you will find another job and knock on a few doors will surely be at least one open.

  • Live and work in the US capital is a great experience. On the way to work walk by the White House and it's quite normal. Then comes day off and just do not know what to do first- sights, large number of museums to which admission is free. Cultural and historical content of cocoa only can wish for.

  • Washington is a beautiful city that has a lot to offer, both in terms of finding another job, and from the tourist point of view. Every day can be used in a thousand ways, tours of the museum (admission is usually free of charge), monuments, going on a trip to the nearby cities on the ocean ... good metro connections, is easily reached from city to city, the architecture is beautiful, has a great places to go out :) As for the chances of another job, and there are plenty of options and anyone who had a desire to find another job, he managed that without much trouble :)

  • The big city and therefore great possibilities for other jobs

  • Nightlife is very good , wide range of dates . People communicative and polite. A good opportunity for finding extra work if you align with transport .

  • I had private quarters so you have no experience with accommodation company ...

  • Babysitter , server , kept swimming lessons

  • Big city can be found another job or living expenses are so huge earnings potential and is not something God knows what

  • The possibility of finding additional work is great for the reason that it is a big city , full of restaurants, hotels , cafeterias , shops and other businesses that employ students who come for seasonal work. Nightlife is very good and varied . The locals are friendly and always smiling, willing to help as much as they can, if nothing else they will give you good advice .

  • We lived close to the center , we Serbs were roommates , we used to party , because all of our apartments were in the neighborhood. The big advantage is that we were close to the center , which is an advantage because of finding another job.

  • My stay in USA lasted 4 months. During the first two months I have not had many days off so I did not have the possibility of requiring additional work. I asked for extra work watching ads in local newspapers and touring the city, very often were highlighted message type we are hire workers, need assistance etc. Washington, of course, a very interesting and beautiful city. They were very liked the museums, I visited a total of around 7-8. Most museums are free (totally cool), I kept most (of entire 5 hours) at the National Air and Space Museum, the phenomenal i would recommend everyone to visit it. Strong impression on me left and Museum of Natural History. Everything is transparent, clear, informative, can be a lot to learn to be seen. All in all, the US Mint did homework, as to the museum. The city is interwoven strips on the carriageway used by cyclists only way that cycling is a real pleasure, all of watch, take care, omissions, no trumpet and drama, one word awesome (in Serbia this behavior is mission impossible). The food is to put it mildly - for nothing, I'm not accustomed to bread full of sugar, and chicken for which we can not wait to come taste. But not all bad news, there are shops (do not want to advertise them) that offer organic foods and products that are very similar to food with us ... Lucky I smiled at the beginning of last month when I had the opportunity to work in a restaurant. The food in the restaurant was superb, the job is only at moments was tiring, the experience gained - priceless ...

  • Beautiful city . Really, if you are able to find in the US, be sure not to miss the opportunity to visit Washington , DC .

  • The capital of America is excellent for culture and nightlife and therefore good for finding another job , there are plenty of pubs , restaurants and clubs.

  • I worked as a waitress in a restaurant that is located 5-10 minutes away from the center of Washington.

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