Winkler pool managment, Washington,DC, Student Adventures

Experience with agency Student Adventures was positive.
Satisfied with cooperation . They're great , whenever we had any questions , we were constantly online , and here and there . What is very important , especially for those who going for the first time .

Experience with location Washington, DC was positive.
Babysitter , server , kept swimming lessons

Experience with employer Winkler Pool Management was positive.
Hourly: 8.40$ Number of hours per week : 45-70 ( depends ) Average tip : / The job is not difficult , just in time to open the pool , while some in the pool watching the swimmers and measurement of chlorine in every 2h . The possibility of giving swimming lessons at the pool

This review represents personal opinion of MILICA who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2014 with agency Student Adventures, working at Winkler Pool Management in Washington, DC.

Aug 14, 2016