Winkler pool, Washington, DC, Student Adventures

Experience with agency Student Adventures was positive.
Everything is reported in time, it just needs to be organized. No hidden costs, always there when help was needed.

Experience with location Washington, DC was positive.
4 stations from Monument, White House, US Capitol. Target, Giant and Wallmart at 1 station. The metro station is about 15 minutes away from the accommodation. 2 bedrooms, bathroom, terrace, living room, fully equipped kitchen.

Experience with employer Winkler Pool Management was positive.
Without any problems, always available for any help. 11.5 $ per hour, $ 17.25 overtime. Average hours 50-55 per week. The pools are part of the beautiful, family communities. (Not some ghetto or something ...)

This review represents personal opinion of Luka who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2017 with agency Student Adventures, working at Winkler Pool Management in Washington, DC.

Nov 1, 2017