Southwest Harbor, Maine

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  • Southwest Harbor is a small town with many restaurants and bars. That's why it's easy enough to find your second job. Mount Desert Island, where this town is located, is one of the most visited locations in the United States, due to its historical load and beautiful landscapes.

  • I was in Mount Desert Island, Southwest Harbor, a very quiet place, a small community where everyone knew each other. I felt better on the island than in the cities I visited You can easily find second job.

  • City as the place is small, considering that I went with great expectations related to nightlife and entertainment in general, the first month I was visibly disappointed . One bar that has worked to 1h , so that the house parties were the only solution , which in the end was not so bad. The larger town that had everything needed was 15 minutes away by car . Finding another job is very easy, I'm the first 3 days had already 4 , so I gave myself the freedom to choose . The city is a tourist , nature, national park, mountain, lake .

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