Drydock Cafe, Southwest Harbor, Maine, Integral Edu

Experience with agency IntegralEDU was positive.
The agency handled my file as quickly as possible and all the steps were extremely simple. They were very friendly and made sure that I understood all the details about Work and Travel.

Experience with location Southwest Harbor, Maine was positive.
Southwest Harbor is a small town with many restaurants and bars. That's why it's easy enough to find your second job. Mount Desert Island, where this town is located, is one of the most visited locations in the United States, due to its historical load and beautiful landscapes.

Experience with employer Drydock Cafe was positive.
The employers, John and Marty, behaved with us as we are part of the family. They have never been biting, and we have been able to do our jobs in peace. Moreover, when the restaurant was crowded, I received a lot of help from them.

This review represents personal opinion of Despa Andreea who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2018 with agency IntegralEDU, working at Drydock Cafe in Southwest Harbor, Maine.

Dec 8, 2018