The Lindquist Group LLC, Southwest Harbor, ME, US travel

Experience with agency US Travel was neutral.
At organizational level, he could work a little. It wasn't pleasant to send me after all sorts of late papers in May. Otherwise it was ok.

Experience with location Southwest Harbor, Maine was positive.
I was in Mount Desert Island, Southwest Harbor, a very quiet place, a small community where everyone knew each other. I felt better on the island than in the cities I visited You can easily find second job.

Experience with employer The Lindquist Group LLC was positive.
The US employer was very good. Always trying to help me, sometimes he did some things that were my own, just like a housekeeper, just not to say I had to do hard things. Trying to introduce me to his family, I didn't feel like a stranger in that house.....

This review represents personal opinion of Maria Ciobaca who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2017 with agency US Travel, working at The Lindquist Group LLC in Southwest Harbor, Maine.

Oct 24, 2018