Anns Point Inn, Little Notch Caffe, Southwest Harbor, Maine, BHV Education

Experience with agency BHV Education was positive.
Thanks for a great job :)

Experience with location Southwest Harbor, Maine was positive.
City as the place is small, considering that I went with great expectations related to nightlife and entertainment in general, the first month I was visibly disappointed . One bar that has worked to 1h , so that the house parties were the only solution , which in the end was not so bad. The larger town that had everything needed was 15 minutes away by car . Finding another job is very easy, I'm the first 3 days had already 4 , so I gave myself the freedom to choose . The city is a tourist , nature, national park, mountain, lake .

Experience with employer Anns Point Inn was positive.
The classic maid, the only one in Inn of 4 rooms . Tips good $ 60-70 per day. The landlady took me on a tour , often having lunch at a restaurant , I had at the end of the bonus more than excellent . The cafe at the cash register , tips of 70 $ per week.

This review represents personal opinion of Tanja who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2013 with agency BHV Education, working at Anns Point Inn in Southwest Harbor, Maine.

Jul 28, 2016