Ogunquit, ME

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  • A beautiful small place, it is located on the coast, has a beautiful beach and many good restaurants.

  • Ogunquit is a small touristic town with beautiful beach and landscapes. I can say about the place that is really safe- you don't need a chain for the bike, the chance to be stolen is zero. It is a summer resort for reach people, mostly families with children, for retired people and LGBT couples (you will see a lot of their flags in the city). There are plenty of restaurants, shops, candy shops, hotels... so it is easy to find the second job. Ogunquit is close to New Hampshire, where isn't taxes, so it is perfect for shopping. About night life- there are not many bars, but enough for this small city, the mostly work until 1 am. For day off there are really plenty of possibilities- beach, shopping, cinema, theater that is very popular, Boston is close to Ogunquit, kayak, there are a lot of cycling routes... you will find something interesting for you.

  • Very good location for earnings and enjoying. A lot of possibilities to find an extra job.

  • Ogunquit is very nice place by the ocean. You can find a lot jobs. People in this place it is very generous.

  • The small town of Ogunquit in Maine is full of cafes and restaurants where you can always find a secondary and even a primary job, especially at the beginning of the season. However, even in mid-season, you can always find a place where they might need some help.

  • I was on the W &T program twice , first in 2013 and 2015 for the second time . Both times I went to the same place above, the first year we had a great time because everything was new , come the first time in his life in the USA and you all want to know a large number of students from our country ( Serbia , Bosnia and Herzegovina , Croatia) comes in this place . Oganquit not something overly large but it has everything to smaller places in which students are going , there is a great variety of restaurants and pizzerias such as for the work still to be found for those who want to work . There are not many places to go out , just one club who is gay , but among them is gay okay :) because the place is gay , full of gays and lesbians . Few gay but it's nice : D Anyway I went with my girlfriend , so that you do not rebel to have an alibi : D Place has beautiful beach so I believe that you will spend each day off to them .

  • Ogunquit is a small tourist town . The climate is like ours, just you are at the ocean. Finding another job is easy. My first job was at the Seafarer Motel , position : housekeeping , and another in Roberto 's pizzeria , position : server. We had accommodation at a motel where I worked , there were 4 of us in the motel apartment. I am very pleased with the accommodation. We bought food once a week , we were going with car to the next town , wher are large markets , because in Ogunquit - there are only two stores and they are expensive. As far as nightlife is concerned, it's there only if you organize it :) you will always find people who are for socializing . There are two bars which are open until 1h , Main Street - gay club and Gypsy 's bar . There are no any big parties and madness , because tourists are mostly elderly people , families and gays . This year there were about 30 Serbs in this town. The place is more for rest and walk I personally really liked it. If someone is interested in more information can get back to me on facebook . Marijana Balabanovic

  • The possibility of finding another job is great only when you do not want ti work and do not want another job you can not find it. I specifically worked in five different restaurants. As far as the locals over there have very little of them . The majority of population consists of students during the season (Serbs , Bulgarians , Romanians ) , a lot of Jamaicans who has come to work and Canadians who are there tourists . Employers are people who live all over the winter mainly in Florida and work here over the summers. As far as the night life there are two bars which are open until 1h in the morning, which one of those is a gay bar . Many gay people are there so that you have to get used to but thay are not too offensive, they see that you're straight and do not bother you .

  • Opportunities for finding another job has a lott. Ogunquit is a small town which is located along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean , which the Tourist association destination for many Americans , but also for the Canadians because the Maine state border with the Canada. Because is a tourist city , there are many possibilities To find other things to do , what to restaurants and cafes , to hotels and stores, " Candy Shop " , pumps and various fast food restaurants , as well as in Ogunquit , and the environment. The town itself is cute and sweet, with a large and beautiful sandy beach . Several fine cafes where young people can not go out , but only up to 01 h, then everything closes. There is also a cinema and theater. I'd mentioned that this place is a very popular destination for LGBT tourists.

  • Place is nice, there is the possibility of founding a second job , we are doing as a busser and sellers of ice cream

  • The best place of all three years where I was starting from the team of students that had been so everything else I'm really very satisfied with everything there

  • Very easy to find extra work , the city is small and quiet , touristic . Crazy Nightlife you can forget .

  • Another job I did not ask , I did not need , but very easy to find .

  • Beautiful place by the sea : D Small tourist town . Very easy is the second job. I worked a second job first in Katie 's on Shore Road and , while U - MC as a busser , and finally in September of the tireless search for finally I found a job servers in the Corner - Stone . She was super paradise , I met a bunch of good men . I hope to come back there.

  • ' ' Beautiful place by the sea''... Very easy can be found another job. Touristic place.

  • At second job I worked at Caffe Prego , in the kitchen , chopping salad, mostly. The first job was a mess . :D

  • There are plenty of restaurants and shops , so it is easy to find another job , there are plenty of places for going out at night .

  • A small tourist town . I'm very easy to find another job.

  • A small tourist town on the shores of the ocean. Conveniently located another job.

  • The place is sooo small and normally when I say that there are only two shops then it will become clear how little , but it is very nice, a tourist resort with many restaurants and hotela.Inace this is a place where prevailing gay population and is known for being but those who have less stomach would not recommend coming here : D the possibility of finding another job is veeelika just need to be persistent and ask for work on time , or immediately upon arrival.

  • The tourist town is very easy to find another job.

  • Huge possibility of finding another job . A little town with a lot of tourists and a lot of young people who are like you employed here .

  • Less tourist city in the state of Maine on the ocean shore . Residents extremely friendly and always willing to help. The possibility of finding another job very easy .

  • It is easy to find another job , given that it is a tourist town on the ocean. There are a large number of hotels and restaurants, where it is impossible not to find another job, unless you want to, or you're just lazy. Nightlife is poor, almost none. There is a club, which is open until 1, and a few bars that let people a little longer and that's it .

  • TRANSPORTATION AND HOUSING My advice especially when you plan to go , to be very well organize hundreds of times I regard a ticket . If you have an offer to the nearest town , make it , do not do the same as I am , and went out a lot more expensive than it should . I took over Turskish ticket from Belgrade to NY 's, then I listened to my mom I went from New York to Boston the same plane , which cost me extra for about 150 EUR , but could I get by with around 30 $ :) You take from NY- a Megabus to Boston (about $ 15-20 ) , a Boston Amtrak train to Wells , if your destination as mine . I got accommodation in Wells , Maine , and my job was in Ogunquit . These are the small tourist town on the beach , great view. Ogunquit is full Balkanites , this year the majority was Serbs , Romanians and Bulgarians . :) Take care of our people , because you will not screw up Amer , but yours truly . I had the opportunity to their skin to feel , but we will later. As far as accommodation is concerned, do not expect God knows what, not great, but we turned out to be the best. When I arrived, I worked as a house of horrors , otherwise I lived in Scoop Deck (Ice cream ) Wells . I first I arrived 4 days I was alone , while the others started to arrive . There were ten in the house . All are wonderful people , I definitely will stay in contact with them . The house is huge , the first time you go through it, to lose , is very old , but cool :) Now percent has approximately 6-7km to Ogunquit , sooo hard every day to ride a bike 2 times there and back (if you do two jobs ) . I've endured this pace a month, and then I moved to Oqunguit at Steve. I even endured 5 days there, those who had the opportunity to go there, they know what I'm sayin :) There's a madhouse, there were two huge parties, with about 150-200 people, it is generally the main hotbed for parties, gatherings etc: ) after 5 days spent there, I moved to 2 min from Steve's house in cotage (to give you something to joke cottages, but they are quite large, are mainly of 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen and bathroom). Here I lived with my roommate, who has never been there, but certainly I was not alone, he was my boyfriend here 24/7 :) and then my roommate, who was a month was only 2 times for half an hour in his house, decided to move I then considers the boss gave 3-option to pay double to leave cotage or to move in with neighbors, or in the case of one boy: D Of course, this is done, consciously knowing that I will be moving into the neighborhood, and to him then reply to my cotage was empty and that he would bring new people, that I have at the end :) I found the boss was to legend, poking fun chaos: E lot on accommodation, all in all, I was moved 4 times, and I was joking as Roxy's mission at the end of the year that everyone calls roommate: D What is of the essence so I was relaxed :) I can say that I changed my roommate I 24 roommates together :))) migratory Bird: D

  • Ogunquit is a beautiful place on the ocean . People are very cordial and warm . The city is like from the farytail..it has beautiful and long sandy beach , plenty of shops and souvenir shops , beautiful nature .

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