Seafarer Motel, Ogunquit, Maine, Karavan Travel

Experience with agency Karavan Travel was positive.
The only downside would be they did not respond to e-mails when I was in America, but nobody's perfect , the rest are complied with , I'm happy .

Experience with location Ogunquit, ME was positive.
Ogunquit is a small tourist town . The climate is like ours, just you are at the ocean. Finding another job is easy. My first job was at the Seafarer Motel , position : housekeeping , and another in Roberto 's pizzeria , position : server. We had accommodation at a motel where I worked , there were 4 of us in the motel apartment. I am very pleased with the accommodation. We bought food once a week , we were going with car to the next town , wher are large markets , because in Ogunquit - there are only two stores and they are expensive. As far as nightlife is concerned, it's there only if you organize it :) you will always find people who are for socializing . There are two bars which are open until 1h , Main Street - gay club and Gypsy 's bar . There are no any big parties and madness , because tourists are mostly elderly people , families and gays . This year there were about 30 Serbs in this town. The place is more for rest and walk I personally really liked it. If someone is interested in more information can get back to me on facebook . Marijana Balabanovic

Experience with employer Seafarer Motel was neutral.
Wage per hour : 8; hours per week: 36; Average tip : $ 50 per week; I thought it was ok job , until I went there and saw that it is not worth doing housekeeping. The job is not that hard , but it's tedious and you do not have a lot of communication with people . We had a shortage of people , so we literally worked all 6 of us , cleaning and maintenance of the entire motel room, swimming pool and laundry room . It is 6 hours a day, with a break of half an hour , 6 days a week. Sometimes we stayed even longer in the laundry room if needed. Nancy, my employer was great, a lot of information has been given to us when we arrived around buying food, trolley , places where we can go , she describe the whole town , and things like that . At any time we could spoke for her , and she lives here in the motel.

This review represents personal opinion of Marijana Balabanovic who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2015 with agency Karavan Travel, working at Seafarer Motel in Ogunquit, ME.

Aug 13, 2016