Sea View Motel, Ogunquit, Maine, Prestige

Experience with agency Prestige Education was positive.
At the agency are all very professional and the everybody would like to help as much as they can. All recommendations

Experience with location Ogunquit, ME was positive.
Ogunquit is a beautiful place on the ocean . People are very cordial and warm . The city is like from the has beautiful and long sandy beach , plenty of shops and souvenir shops , beautiful nature .

Experience with employer Sea View Motel was positive.
Wage per hour : 6 Hours per week: 36 Average tip ( week) : 70 I worked as a maid, but work in general was not too tiring. We had wonderful guests and a great tip.

This review represents personal opinion of Tijana Cvetkovic who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2013 with agency Prestige Education, working at Sea View Motel in Ogunquit, ME.

Jul 9, 2016