Norseman, Ogunquit, Prestige

Experience with agency Prestige Education was positive.
I do not know where to start :) ... First of all , I want to commend the staff of the agency Prestige I , especially Dragan , were great, we went out to meet the maximum . What they promised they delivered . Fast and efficient.

Experience with location Ogunquit, ME was positive.
TRANSPORTATION AND HOUSING My advice especially when you plan to go , to be very well organize hundreds of times I regard a ticket . If you have an offer to the nearest town , make it , do not do the same as I am , and went out a lot more expensive than it should . I took over Turskish ticket from Belgrade to NY 's, then I listened to my mom I went from New York to Boston the same plane , which cost me extra for about 150 EUR , but could I get by with around 30 $ :) You take from NY- a Megabus to Boston (about $ 15-20 ) , a Boston Amtrak train to Wells , if your destination as mine . I got accommodation in Wells , Maine , and my job was in Ogunquit . These are the small tourist town on the beach , great view. Ogunquit is full Balkanites , this year the majority was Serbs , Romanians and Bulgarians . :) Take care of our people , because you will not screw up Amer , but yours truly . I had the opportunity to their skin to feel , but we will later. As far as accommodation is concerned, do not expect God knows what, not great, but we turned out to be the best. When I arrived, I worked as a house of horrors , otherwise I lived in Scoop Deck (Ice cream ) Wells . I first I arrived 4 days I was alone , while the others started to arrive . There were ten in the house . All are wonderful people , I definitely will stay in contact with them . The house is huge , the first time you go through it, to lose , is very old , but cool :) Now percent has approximately 6-7km to Ogunquit , sooo hard every day to ride a bike 2 times there and back (if you do two jobs ) . I've endured this pace a month, and then I moved to Oqunguit at Steve. I even endured 5 days there, those who had the opportunity to go there, they know what I'm sayin :) There's a madhouse, there were two huge parties, with about 150-200 people, it is generally the main hotbed for parties, gatherings etc: ) after 5 days spent there, I moved to 2 min from Steve's house in cotage (to give you something to joke cottages, but they are quite large, are mainly of 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen and bathroom). Here I lived with my roommate, who has never been there, but certainly I was not alone, he was my boyfriend here 24/7 :) and then my roommate, who was a month was only 2 times for half an hour in his house, decided to move I then considers the boss gave 3-option to pay double to leave cotage or to move in with neighbors, or in the case of one boy: D Of course, this is done, consciously knowing that I will be moving into the neighborhood, and to him then reply to my cotage was empty and that he would bring new people, that I have at the end :) I found the boss was to legend, poking fun chaos: E lot on accommodation, all in all, I was moved 4 times, and I was joking as Roxy's mission at the end of the year that everyone calls roommate: D What is of the essence so I was relaxed :) I can say that I changed my roommate I 24 roommates together :))) migratory Bird: D

Experience with employer Norseman was neutral.
First of all, of the offers that you choose, do not expect too much, it's all beautifully packaged and theoretically feasible, but in practice it is a little different. I chose the offer - housekeeper position in Norseman. E folks, there is general chaos. Hourly rate is $ 10, which is ok but fora is that very few hours you work, we have been working for only 3-4 hours a day, which comes out on a weekly basis less than 25 hours, and by law are required to provide us with min 30h! Waiting for the season so I waiting for the season waiting for the season o.O I loitered there for 2 months, lost his temper with certain American girls I talk to the chief, of course, the biggest bitch, stole us a tip, just entered the room before us etc etc ... And of course all cute, all cute, I pissed off another two lovely girls from Bosnia And I told her everything, complains and managers, but without success. Then I stopped to go to work there, little by little, day, then two, so one day line up 4, a boss's laundry (laundry room) xD the hair stand up from me already. I told all to her in the face, stealing a tips, bla, bla, and the US are not accustomed to it, are used to call all the shots, I do everything by the book, if we veer off the track, it's wrong. So I told them I ruined the whole concept there: not absurd " my boss underworld after it enters the room itself, but always called me to go with her, of course she felt to be known for stealing!" :) If you fucking kidding me, so I'm cu you, sure is! And so I come over after 4 days, and it pissed as hell to fire me, I thank :) I went to I was actually a goal to me they quit, do not give me that I do not screw around for a visa . So I was fired in the middle of August, I no one till the end of the program did not contact anything :) guide me with the sponsoring agency CHI that still work there. No, I came the next day with the manager I tell her that I was fired from the "underworld boss" :))) She wonder and said I don't have an idea dunno nothing, for the first time to hear it. I told does not matter, I'll find another job, which is really as I was that day when I am in Norseman was fired, I found another job in a Bed and Breakfast. :) Manager says, I have no reason to complain CHI-in, you are always with me ok, so that's lucky to still And that's it, I told thank you, you just say that we split up in a nice way And if we do not abolish visa, she said, all right, no problem, I leave her my social security and to send me a mail to mail solution. I did not, normally after 2 weeks after the last paycheck and that's it :) In the meantime I worked in Katie's-u (restaurant) on Shore Road in a second job, as a buser. Hours $ 6 (not enough!) + tips which was pitiful - $ 15-20 for the night. This is just a little bit I'm talking to bosses about the increase of $ 8, because they are required by law we were required to pay min 7.25, if we tip is less than $ 30! And of course, I wait two weeks to tell me that we can not increase! I piss I go I quit my job, and I have long appealed to me a little I paid peering out I'll quit at the end I go, I say yeah manager: "If you will be easier, here I quit" I like it here something, and you know this and that ... bla, bla ma ... :) The team was great here, it's really a prank every day, crazy manager, one of server liked me very much, literally treated me like his daughter, even me brought a whole bag of cloth, likusa xD :) I adore her, I called her to a party, she a woman of 45 years, came to us honor the queen :). We had dinner every day, all sorts of dishes we tried and at the end of after-hours shift drink :) After a few days I found a new job in a restaurant, Blue Waters Inn, where I started as a buser, a couple of times worked as a buser, a couple of times as server and then returned me to be a busser, but by the end of the year I was busser. That was ok, but we're here to work and that I have mentioned at the beginning of my experience, NOT BELIEVE ALL OUR PEOPLE, THEY CAN SCREW YOU IF THEY FEEL THAT THEIR WORKPLACE MIGHT BE COMPROMISED, WHEN NOT IN THE CENTER OF ATTENTION WHEN MORE OR MORE MAKE MONEY FROM THEM!!!!

This review represents personal opinion of Roxy who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2013 with agency Prestige Education, working at Norseman in Ogunquit, ME.

Jul 16, 2016