Soft as a grape, Marthas Vineyards, Massachusetts, Work and Travel Group

Experience with agency Work & Travel Group was positive.
I like their organization . Provide jobs, accommodation and even we had classes in English where we were preparing for an interview with the employer and consuls. All in all a very positive experience with them . When you enter master I will go again with them. They have some discounts for returnees .

Experience with location Martha's Vineyard, MA was positive.
The place is very nice and can be earned a lot. The negative side is that is very expensive . Accommodation is about $ 150 a week and the food is very expensive. There are plenty of opportunities for other work. My first job was in a boutique and the other was housekeeping.

Experience with employer Soft As A Grape was positive.
Wage per hour : 11 Hours per week: 40 Average tip : at the first job we did not had tips I welcomed customers , helping them with their selection and charged . They are not particularly difficult .

This review represents personal opinion of Natalija who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2013 with agency Work & Travel Group, working at Soft As A Grape in Martha's Vineyard, MA.

Aug 13, 2016