Las Vegas, NV

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  • Additional work in a city that does not sleep is always to be found , a large number of options as well. My second job was babysitting in a Serbian family which is the best thing that happened to me there . I met great people who became my friends , and allow me to have my own car, free accommodation and food that we shared . Other additional jobs are not so sure , but each of them opens a new door , and from your resistance depends on how you will cope . All about climate , going out , opportunities for travel and tours can be found on the Internet , All was great! I would note that a large number of peopleI would emphasize that a lot of people didn't go so well in Vegas and those comments can be found here . In a place like this the cost of living is really big and if you do not have luck with both jobs , it is better to just go as a tourist.

  • For girls and not so difficult to find a job, but for men is extremely difficult . The town is a perfect for a party 24 hours so you never get bored .

  • Damn hot summers , almost unbearable ! The air is literally hot, and average temperature of 47 C. For me it was terrible . If you decide for this city , do not accept any accommodation in Las Vegas without a pool nearby ( do not think that this is a luxury , it is indeed an urgent need for life in Vegas ) ! I'm not trying to seek another job , but some girls are very easy to find errands . I believe that if you have gone astray by restaurants and shops , leave the OR , there will be no problem to find something added

  • Las Vegas is primarily a city of gambling and crazy nightlife . Discos and parties at every step, so the nightlife is good. As for finding a second job is not exactly easy. It can be found mainly in casinos or at kiosks or where it comes to the percentage , which is no profit. The town is near the Mohave desert , so temperatures are too high, but after a few days you get used . Accommodation: Accommodation us was $ 100 per week , we slept on mattresses that are dirty , and creak ! The apartment is a huge , with two bedrooms and two bathrooms , but at one time was 7 of us lived there and became really unbearable !

  • The city is vonderful , only the accommodation was expensive . I wan't looking for another job , one was enough for the cost of living there ( and I was able to travel, and check out some of the towns in California ) other students who wished they didn't had problems with finding a second job , especially girls. The city is full of tourists all year round so that there is plenty of jobs.

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