Ariel, Nail art, Las Vegas, Nevada, American Adventure

Experience with agency American Adventure was neutral.
I have decided for this agency because of the positive comments of many people who were " taken " to Alaska . I believe they were the best for that offer but the year when we traveled they changed the job offer many times so we had a visa interview at the end of June and we went to the USA . Everything around payments , communication with clients via email, later tax refund has passed all right.

Experience with location Las Vegas, NV was positive.
Additional work in a city that does not sleep is always to be found , a large number of options as well. My second job was babysitting in a Serbian family which is the best thing that happened to me there . I met great people who became my friends , and allow me to have my own car, free accommodation and food that we shared . Other additional jobs are not so sure , but each of them opens a new door , and from your resistance depends on how you will cope . All about climate , going out , opportunities for travel and tours can be found on the Internet , All was great! I would note that a large number of peopleI would emphasize that a lot of people didn't go so well in Vegas and those comments can be found here . In a place like this the cost of living is really big and if you do not have luck with both jobs , it is better to just go as a tourist.

Experience with employer Ariel US LLS was neutral.
Hourly rate: $ 8.5 Hours per week: on average 60 hours This job is not for everyone and is different from most of the jobs students are working. Good side of this job as that you do it in a beautiful ambience, such as hotels and malls, you are expected to look nice, English is at a high level (and if not you will succeed to improve it) and be proficient in sales, which is quite unusual for our region (Turkey, Greece, Israel and some other countries are known for such sales). Details of this work can also be found in the experience of Vegas, so I would not continue in details. It was hard at first but I eventually got used to, my employer provided a sufficient number of working hours, sometimes up to 12 or an average of 9, working days as well as the ability to get back again if I wish. Many girls has earned from this job and live from it during the year. I believe that the agency should provide more information about the job offer, especially for big and not very safe place like Vegas.

This review represents personal opinion of darlita90 who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2012 with agency American Adventure, working at Ariel US LLS in Las Vegas, NV.

Aug 13, 2016