Ariel, Las Vegas, Experience

Experience with agency Experience was positive.
Subagents of agencies in Bosnia and Herzegovina , with whom I collaborated were azure , responsible and really willing to help and find answers to all the questions !

Experience with location Las Vegas, NV was neutral.
Damn hot summers , almost unbearable ! The air is literally hot, and average temperature of 47 C. For me it was terrible . If you decide for this city , do not accept any accommodation in Las Vegas without a pool nearby ( do not think that this is a luxury , it is indeed an urgent need for life in Vegas ) ! I'm not trying to seek another job , but some girls are very easy to find errands . I believe that if you have gone astray by restaurants and shops , leave the OR , there will be no problem to find something added

Experience with employer Ariel US LLS was neutral.
The possibility of earnings on a percentage or hourly. Hourly is 8.25 $, on average 65h per week. On a percentage as possible to earn much more. Some girls had a daily allowance to $ 300, but if you sell as much as their manager ordered for the day. Job description: The job consists of selling products for Nail Art. This means that you stand 12 hours a day next to the kiosk with products and bother people to approach, to try, to see, to buy, to haggle with you while you pray to God that they don't slap you until you bothering them to buy and fit-3 Chinese lacquer and 3 metal plates with designs that are applied on the nails for $ 100! Manager has exerted enormous pressure to sell as much as possible products. To stop people, to not let them leave without even trifle loads, etc ... SMS messages after the whole day he stressed that we need more that we are trying to sell more that we are not persistent and the like. The psychological pressure is the worst thing in this business, even if perfectly wash lights to sell to people and that they brazenly pulls money out of pocket, accusing them of being stingy if you do not buy something daughter, granddaughter, wife ... Kiosks are at different locations in Vegas (inside the shopping mall's, and some outside). The big problem was the daily ride to work. One car that we "give" We drove each other to work and from work every day. (The city's huge and can not be without a car. Public transport is not the happiest conceived.) Just seven girls that work on mutually remote locations, with different layouts and one car! It was not easy organised that everyone arrives on time where it should be, and to return from work when needed. Free days should we spend on other journeys to work. All this is allocating too much tension in each working day. Owner was Jewish, and it says one trader that soul to the devil for money sales. Every day we inflict daily amount of sales that we have to achieve, if you want to be paid on a percentage. If we are not selling as much as they see fit, it would give us time off. So it happened that 6 working days, some girls do after 2 only. It was a tacit kind of punishment they did not attack enough and pushy saleswoman (because it is the only way that this kind of product sold.) And if you're paid by the hour, so you do not earn anything, because you do not give you work. Clever. Even had called . boosters , which would show up at your kiosk pulling up the mood , the energy returns to you " raise " and to help with the sales. On the other hand, some of the girls were found in it, so were able to sell enough so that they pulled a good percentage for themselves . Although , a dozen girls from Serbia , only three were for it, others nohow. Everyone of us quit after 20 days max . I think that for this kind of work , you must have really a good stomach and a special mindset , so everyone should be good to talk to himself before agree to this. I did not get a sufficiently detailed description of the work and the conditions at work during the interview , so I was swollen with what came over me .

This review represents personal opinion of Tanja K. who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2012 with agency Experience, working at Ariel US LLS in Las Vegas, NV.

Jul 16, 2016