Ariel US LLS, Las Vegas, American Adventure

Experience with agency American Adventure was neutral.
I started at the end of June instead of May , as we move sighting ... A couple of times , and DS I popriclicno late. Since the day that I left no one in the mail did not respond. Are frivolous !

Experience with location Las Vegas, NV was neutral.
Las Vegas is primarily a city of gambling and crazy nightlife . Discos and parties at every step, so the nightlife is good. As for finding a second job is not exactly easy. It can be found mainly in casinos or at kiosks or where it comes to the percentage , which is no profit. The town is near the Mohave desert , so temperatures are too high, but after a few days you get used . Accommodation: Accommodation us was $ 100 per week , we slept on mattresses that are dirty , and creak ! The apartment is a huge , with two bedrooms and two bathrooms , but at one time was 7 of us lived there and became really unbearable !

Experience with employer Ariel US LLS was negative.
8,5 $ per hour, 7-8 h but it's happen to work sometimes for 12 h, and sometimes just 4 h. Job Description: First, the manager of us around 11-12 evening occurred when we do the next day and where, as we did in 8 different locations. She did not want to give us a weekly schedule, or at least two days in advance rather than have to wait until midnight that night she told maybe tomorrow we have a day off or do an afternoon or whatever. Horrors. Our job was to promote some nail kits and sell them. But we have to do so we have literally dragged people to the sleeve, to show them the presentation and then followed persuasion to buy something. There were haggling and everything. For me, this is not the first job because I do not like it when someone stops me on the street and convince to buy some fudge, and therefore I was not at all satisfied with the business. In the description that is offered in a working pen differently !! Business was not physically difficult at all except that stands non-stop. Sometimes it was hard because they had two locations outdoors where the unbearable heat. But the job is so difficult psychologically. Manager of us non-stop calling and telling us how we can do better, that we must do our best to sell as much as possible and then you say at night, "the next day you have to make a minimum 500 $" and so some nonsense where only laugh. .. as far as payments are late with the payment of pretty! Every day the list is missing something! Or varnishes or sets or something else ... They could not prove who steals (and thereby have a camera at each kiosk) and we were all rejected by the plate!

This review represents personal opinion of Katarina who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2012 with agency American Adventure, working at Ariel US LLS in Las Vegas, NV.

Jul 15, 2016