Cape Cod, MA

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  • The place gives opportunity to find the second job. Everything is close. There is a lot of studenst so there was fun, too, except we had to work. We were accommodated in a large hotel complex and I am very pleased with.

  • I worked in the small tourist town of Yarmouth in Cape Cod. The city is tourist, but mostly for families and pensioners. It's pretty calm, there's not a lot of nightlife, but there are a lot of students so that something can always be organized.Nature and beaches are beautiful, and the little town of Hajanis is 10 minutes away, so there you can go to shopping and clubs. Also, if you are in Yarmouth, a bike is must have because there is no city transport, and probably jobs will be at least a 10 minute drive away. There are many opportunities for another job, but it should start as soon as possible, because in the middle of the season everything will be occupied, and employers will not employ J1 students. I was accommodated in a motel where 200 J1 students were mixed, so it was always interesting, for a minute were 7-eleven, CVS, Dunkin Donuts, Dollar General, which is great for us because everything was pretty cheap here, and we could take everything we needed.

  • Everyone is well aware that there are plenty of students in Cape Cod, you should be tried and struggling to find a job, but there are also countless opportunities for a job if a student takes a little effort. On the other hand, you always have a company, countless new friends who are always here somewhere to jump, to help, it's never boring and the summer generally goes quickly and you don't even feel that you have been working ... All in all, a wonderful experience.

  • Good earnings, nice place.

  • Beautiful town, great for work and for those who came to earn. A lot of different jobs and beautiful beaches.

  • I worked in West Yarmouth. The town is beautiful, and is full of hotels and restaurants where you can easily find a second job. The beaches are beautiful, and every free moment I used to go and bathe in the ocean, the climate is pleasant, not too hot in Florida as an example, but it's just right.

  • The city is on the coast of the ocean , a lot of students , a diverse nightlife , climate very beautiful and pleasant

  • Cape during the season's super + quiet and safe

  • The city is on the coast of the ocean , a lot of students , a diverse nightlife , climate very beautiful and pleasant

  • A place called South Wellfleet , the climate is similar to ours , although the nights are somewhat cooler . Nightlife is very bad , because we were literally in the middle of the highway :) Another job we found relatively quickly , and he was better paid ( Baser , $ 5 per hour , but the tip was good ) . Otherwise , Boston is 1.5 hours drive and Provincetown for half an hour , and there's nightlife , but to warn you that this is a gay city , and there we went to a gay parade :) Accommodation : Accommodation was at the boss , on the floor of store in which we worked . $ 80 a week , two bedrooms and two toilets , and one bathroom . Kitchen we had but we are prepared outside :) and everyone loved my specialties :) There were three of us .

  • The city is interesting at first sight... As if you are in an American film . Peaceful , quiet , just for a holiday. No night life . There are bars and restaurants and that's it .. And a striptease bar :) Beaches are nice, beautiful for holiday excellent . But those are not even close to FL . The water is cold throughout the year. So now what who likes when they can go ahead . Find so look :) Transport -DOESN'T EXIST . Bike and rudder . There is one line but it goes every hour so if you 're late , then one foot in front :) Accommodation very difficult to find the bar we were so .. But we knew that .. And it is expensive, $ 100 a week.

  • The town is beautiful and very interesting , I say very interesting because it actually gay capital of America and it lives mainly gay population and anything can be seen, but they are very friendly and nice people , although do not be surprised if you see two grandfather kissing on the street

  • There is a lot of work during the summer , however, what to me is not liked and what I did not know that the place is full of gays and to live there , so i 'm not really, from that point, was the happiest

  • Place is very quiet and safe and the possibility of finding another job is great , a lot of tourists and students and good fun is also guaranteed

  • the best place where I've been so far , additional job very easy to find in different areas of petrol stations Dunkin Donuts, subweys , stop and shop shops, restaurants, landskaping , there are not many places to go out a couple of bars and discos This year it was just a lot of Serbs. and the CBI began to give students to work in several positions

  • On Cape Cod is more than easy to find another job , these people literally approached on the street and offering you a job

  • The possibility of finding another job is possible , they are mostly restaurants or motels .

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