Nauset farms, Cape Code, Work and Travel Group

Experience with agency Work & Travel Group was positive.
So far I've only had a positive experience with this agency , solve all the paperwork in time , the people are friendly and wiling to explain you everything you need , always at your service , as in Belgrade and also in Novi Sad ...

Experience with location Cape Cod, MA was positive.
On Cape Cod is more than easy to find another job , these people literally approached on the street and offering you a job

Experience with employer Nauset Farms was positive.
Hours: 10 Hours per week: 35-40 Average tip (weekly ) : Preparing ( cutting , sorting , measuring, storage) of food , sandwich , soup, dinner, breakfast meals

This review represents personal opinion of Bojana who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2015 with agency Work & Travel Group, working at Nauset Farms in Cape Cod, MA.

Jul 29, 2016