Red Jacket, Cape Cod, Massachusets, Inspirit

Experience with agency Inspirit was positive.
All the best, very able, my job is provided quickly. Comply with all as promised.

Experience with location Cape Cod, MA was positive.
I worked in West Yarmouth. The town is beautiful, and is full of hotels and restaurants where you can easily find a second job. The beaches are beautiful, and every free moment I used to go and bathe in the ocean, the climate is pleasant, not too hot in Florida as an example, but it's just right.

Experience with employer Red Jacket was positive.
People are more than correct, I worked in the kitchen at first, later promoted me to busser. And in the end I worked literally all positions. I had the overtime, it was students from all sides so that I had the opportunity to learn some new languages ​​and meet new people.

This review represents personal opinion of Boris Mihajilovic who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2016 with agency Inspirit, working at Red Jacket in Cape Cod, MA.

Oct 27, 2016