Mirror Lake Inn, Lake Placid, NY, Experience

Experience with agency Experience was positive.
How it all began, over two years ago, I was listening to the stories of my friends, experiences, looking at photos, and imagined and dreamed now implemented dream of going to America. The motivation is always there, the desire was there, but you know how it goes with us, I said I was going, had a plan, but not the specific objectives and ways in order to make that happen. First came the denial by the family, "what are you going there, it is a long way, you can do it all here, finish these faculties first" and a lot of other similar examples of why not to go, get out of their box, why change everyday, why make a step further, all just to stay in this country, which gives us a huge number of possibilities.Then he began a story around the agency in the market, and which are offered, and when the cocoa and the like. How do I volunteer and NGO very active I had friends who each went through another agency. Then I said to myself the decision I firmly decided to go and I'll find a solution, but I'm gonna go to America on w & t program. When I informed my own, there was a lot of denial and is not permitted to leave. Despite the disagreement with my own I visited the agencies that were in Banja Luka, and from all the best impression is left Experience w & t Agency, which at that time was located in a small office in Borik, Banja Luka. Now is the Starcevici Street Stepe Stepanovic 95A. When I walked into the office, I felt a positive energy, and I saw two young men, sitting, smiling and looking very happy and satisfied dealing with the work they are doing. We met, I heard the Goran and Slaven, and started to realize my dream and experience that I wanted to get. Own initiative, I immediately wanted to first work as a lifeguard and I'm going to lifeguard program. And we agreed here, and I applied, got instructions for further process. When I came home, and said that I signed my own, I got more harsh and negative response that I can not go, especially as a savior. And again I want to go, and after the explanation, dobih option to go to the program but not as a savior, but to a different position. After a few days I collected the documents and went to the agency to give the same, again and cheerful spirit, excellent mood government, I met a couple of returnees who tell me with great experience, and validate my departure to America. In conversation with people from agencies mentioning that I changed my opinion, you offer me the option to Lake Placid and position busser, as assistant waiter, and immediately the first is taken up that position, although I did not know what that means specifically. There is now becoming somewhat java, and through the whole process I am very pleased with the attention and commitment to each student not only personally believes Experience agency, which really provided a maximum and helped me to fulfill my wish.

Experience with location Lake Placid, NY was positive.
Life in America itself is fast, everything is going very fast, everything you have, everything is at your fingertips, the opportunity to earn and spend it. Much has happened during the summer of parties, fun with friends, dates, sopingovanja, really every day was filled. Totally a different energy that prevails there, nothing is difficult, and after a day of over 10 hours, it is not difficult to stay up late and drunk by the society. Of course there must be responsibility and seriousness of the work, because every employer requires a maximum of all of us who participate in the program. It also happens to meet people who you meet in every respect, that you endorse, and is born a new unexpected love, which can take some time and lasts as in my case, for example, and I'm really happy, and I always say that things happen to reason. And then it happens fifth month, the month in which you as released with the chain on your own, eager to see everything, so much and so little time. Come with two suitcases full of stuff full of experiences, memories, at which time you'll go through it again, get a lot of new friends, familiar and see what you used to watch the films you've ever imagined how it looks, is it really so milion as many questions as answers and only one month. Each of the students has different paths, some go to the party and the beach, the southern part, mainly Puerto Rico and Miami, and some like me went through the west. So my way out of the Big Apple began the year in San Francisco. Come to California, I came into the most beautiful city in the world for me. I always had the idea that the San Francisco many beautiful city, the most beautiful, and I confirmed convinced of this. From the beautiful Golden Gate's, to the Pacific coast, from Alcatraz to Lombradi Street, Pier 39, and all other things and opportunities that San Fran offers. Wandering the steep streets, for me, was a pleasure and happiness because I'm finally here, exploring all the charms of this city, drinking beer in some of the best pubs, caused the complete satisfaction of me. After the enormous luck I take a flight to NY and return home, caused two emotions that were fighting, one wishes and luck that I am in San Fran and the need to stay, and the other the desire for a house, family. After arriving in the Big Apple, he threw himself into research, exploring the same. The days are not much different from the taxi-payments and 70 $ to the invention of our restaurants in NY and drinking domestic beer, with an unforgettable fragrance and enjoy the chevapi. NY is really a lot to offer, but honestly I did not like, it's crowded, all have much the crowd, in my not so great.

Experience with employer Mirror Lake Inn was positive.
Entering the plane and leave, when I landed at JFK airport in NY, I realized that no going back, I'm filled I wish, here I am, American soil. We remain with the organization and plan agents agencies spent the night in NY, visited some important places and the next day set out for Lake Placid, a small village in the north of the Olympic state. Travel to Lake Placid, passed very quickly, with an excellent atmosphere and fun with other members of the same program. Check-in and accommodation Lake and going to prepare for the work that awaits us. As I said, I got a position busser in Mirror Lake Inn hotel, and in their two restaurants have. Everything was ready for tomorrow and the beginning of the first working day. Getting up early and late going to have some of the features of this program, as well as work during the whole day. The first day and the next two weeks are past the learning of work you have to do in the coming months.

This review represents personal opinion of Nemanja who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2016 with agency Experience, working at Mirror Lake Inn in Lake Placid, NY.

Jan 13, 2017