Home Depot, Casper,Wyoming, Ayusa

Experience with agency AYUSA was neutral.
They are ok, not conditional for ticket and mostly all respect what is in the contract. The only thing I did not like the story of "as soon as possible to check in, you get the job faster and choose the best position" that was not in my case, and a few people who know where they were going through them.

Experience with location Casper, WY was positive.
Casper is a very small town, it's nothing urban and has an eye to the whole district of 70,000 residents. Nightlife is no, I can say that it has no general or as to the nature is very beautiful, you are surrounded by mountains, all kinds of wild animals, there are plenty of lakes, waterfalls and similar. The good thing is that Casper can be nice because a no where to spend.

Experience with employer Home Depot was negative.
My experience at the Home depot is very bad. I worked as an associate Lot which means that stroller back in boxes, help customers when something needs to be entered in the car and to maintain the external part of the parking lot clear. For the first time, I was satisfied with the job, the first time I am on Work and Travel program so I gave my best with the job but after I realized that I too exploited and have no care of me and the majority of WaT students. The first problem I had was that I was in a permanent shift that is 7-15. During this time I had to be constantly in the sun to enter my very heavy stuff (sacks of cement, earth, wood planks, too heavy flowers, refrigerators, etc.) to customers in a car or truck that carts back to the store and kept clean and tidy rather large parking . Another problem is that when I complained to the manager to have the help, how can I accomplish all that shift and how I have pain but did not get any help. They promised me that if I moved to another position, I'm going to have help from other workers or none of the above are not fulfilled. Their organization is much moose, a week can not be expected more than 32 hours. Other business is easy to find, close to Walmart, where I did the same lot as the associate - 10.4 timetable and mostly 40 hours per week. Walmart am very pleased and I have no bad comment. In addition to my position, there were night shifts (which are paid little more) and cashiers day shift. Besides Walmart, there is a possibility to get a job at Sams club and some of the nearby restaurants.

This review represents personal opinion of Aleksandar who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2016 with agency AYUSA, working at Home Depot in Casper, WY.

Dec 19, 2016