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  • My experience at the Home depot is very bad. I worked as an associate Lot which means that stroller back in boxes, help customers when something needs to be entered in the car and to maintain the external part of the parking lot clear. For the first time, I was satisfied with the job, the first time I am on Work and Travel program so I gave my best with the job but after I realized that I too exploited and have no care of me and the majority of WaT students. The first problem I had was that I was in a permanent shift that is 7-15. During this time I had to be constantly in the sun to enter my very heavy stuff (sacks of cement, earth, wood planks, too heavy flowers, refrigerators, etc.) to customers in a car or truck that carts back to the store and kept clean and tidy rather large parking . Another problem is that when I complained to the manager to have the help, how can I accomplish all that shift and how I have pain but did not get any help. They promised me that if I moved to another position, I'm going to have help from other workers or none of the above are not fulfilled. Their organization is much moose, a week can not be expected more than 32 hours. Other business is easy to find, close to Walmart, where I did the same lot as the associate - 10.4 timetable and mostly 40 hours per week. Walmart am very pleased and I have no bad comment. In addition to my position, there were night shifts (which are paid little more) and cashiers day shift. Besides Walmart, there is a possibility to get a job at Sams club and some of the nearby restaurants.

  • I worked as a salesman in the garden. Position seller is not only meant to help people, but also to water plants and trees 4 to 5 times per shift, which is not easy when it's 38 degrees or when in May and September, about 15 degrees. I also had to learn all about the mowing, plant products etc. I had 32 hours a week, 11.75 per hour. Season ends in the garden in late July and there are very few buyers, sometimes when we are doing more shift finish watering and a half shifts have nothing to do and then we sent to other parts of the store where we can not be of great help because we do not know much about it, or to assist in unloading the truck I consider that it is not a job for girls. Enough of older workers will not work, they acted as if they were managers and trying to order us, are going to break every hour and for that I like Home Depot did not like.  A second job can be found, I worked at Walmart, the position of remodeling, night shift. These positions are no more because the remodeling done once in 7 years, but it is not hard to get a job or cashier overnight stocker. The night shift is charged 11,90 and the day shift is 10,40 per hour. You can earn a lot of money to save a lot because you have nowhere to spend it. This year there were only 30 J1 students in Casper so that managers led us to the city, the environment Casper. When we arrived the workers were organized and gave us a lot of furniture and everything we needed to start, drove us plenty of time to work, they helped us a lot just about everything. As for accommodation, we are 8 Serbs lived in a three room flat (5min away from Home Depot), large living room, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, terrace, and we paid $ 1,650. In addition, we also had 2 pools, hot tub and gym, it's a little more expensive but worth it.

  • Home Depot, $ 10.25 hourly, full time from the first to the last day. Sales Associate in the department in Lumber and Building Materials. Home Depot is the largest American "home improvement" retailer, which has 5.5 thousand shops throughout the US, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico. In essence, any action Home Depot is the same, ie. to the huge mega box action on hundreds of square meters. The system is such that there are sections ie. departments to which you allocate to work. Girls usually do at the Garden (all for the arrangement of the garden and courtyard), or as cashiers ie. cashiers or service desk (essentially similar position as cashier, receive returned goods, issue invoices, etc.), or in some cases the paint department (paints and varnishes). Men usually put to work again in the garden, hardware (various handmade machines, screws, nails, etc.), paint department, lot attendant (collect shopping carts in the parking lot and the clientele will help with loading of goods), or in the lumber and building materials (various materials wood, small and large boards, plywood, armature, cement materials, roofing materials (gutters, shingles, insulation, etc ...). We highly recommend men, and girls courageously ie those who are working or in the Garden or in the lumber and building materials required to lay down their license and learn to drive a forklift and other machines (sit down forklift, reach truck, order picker and pacer machines) because the majority goods in these sections very difficult, cumbersome and in 90% of the time on pallets, so it is very practical to have the license to drive some of the equipment listed above, because it will be your job easier, and you will not have anyone waiting to do this for you. If you show me a good worker, you can always steal a little overtime. Tips tip that is not there, but customers are sometimes offered an extra dollar for the service, it is forbidden to take but if no one sees you, then feel free to take: D. How will you do that depends on traffic operations and management, and from yourself. Our action was the largest in Utah, the rules quarter of a million $ per day traffic, and we had a very good but also very demanding management so that the bass quite enough and honest work. The biggest advantage of Home Depot as the employer is that you do not depend on the season, you have your guaranteed earnings and hours, not stand in one place, you have a lot of people around you and position themselves require fairly high level of knowledge of the English language.

  • They were okay. There was a little problem with the number of hours because they hired more students, but they said that next year employ fewer people to avoid this problem.

  • Ok employer, but I have an objection about less hours (32) and the attitude of some staff (manager) to students ... Everything else was very fair, and a lot of things are coming out to meet him.

  • Wage per hour 11.75 $ Hours per week: 32-40 (and sometimes overtime ) Average tip : forbidden to take , but if you are smart you can always pull something providing an excellent and friendly service to customer. Mostly sometimes tips get those loaded in the parking lot ( Lot Attendant ) Sale asistant in Home Depot in . Easy job , it is essential to civilized approach and always smiling face to the customer. Positions are the same, you just distribution such that you are working in the department for the garden , or for paints and varnishes , in the section for tools and electronics, for building materials , or to work on your order, that is prepare the goods for downloading or uploading . The most important thing is that you want to do that kind of work and that you follow the rules and above all want to learn all you did not know previously . The possibility of obtaining the bonus ( Homer awards ) , and if you show as a good worker , you can always come up with the activity and ask the manager to stay longer and work overtime to 17.6 $ / h

  • Hours : 11.75 Hours per week: 40 Good pay , niakakv hard work , a lot of additional extra hours

  • The work is very easy and simple at the register. You need knowledge of the English language daily , still, you're in contact with clients . At the beginning we had small problems with schedules but it is quickly fixed, hours on average, about 32 per week had weeks when they gave 40 hours depending on the need of the market. We were accepted very nice by employees and managers who were available for any kind of problem

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