Home Depot, Salt Lake City, Utah, Columbus Travel and Consulting

Experience with agency Columbus was positive.
Professional, timely, and no funny business (type of forcing students to buy flights through them) .This was my second going to the program, so in essence I knew in advance what to do and I did not have much contact with the agency.

Experience with location Salt Lake City, UT was positive.
Salt Lake City is the capital of the state of Utah. Statistically speaking, there are about 200 thousand inhabitants, however the entire city is a system of connected small town (or as Americans call it "township") such as West Walley City, Taylorsville, Murray, Milcreek etc., And all they are doing is actually Salt Lake City so that the population is 4-5 times higher. It has very good infrastructure and public transport, so you have at your disposal 4 tram lines and a train that connects Frontrunner also other small towns in the immediate vicinity (all between Ogden on the north side and Prova on the south). We lived about 10 minutes from the station and we went by tram to work, so that this summer there was no need for any bike. What is specifically for Salt Lake City and the state of Utah in general is that it was founded by Mormon and the LDS Church (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) dominates all spheres of life, so that the urban ambient quite calm, poised, no disco and any night life (you have plenty of cafes and pubs, but in comparison with, say, Belgrade nightlife is practically non-existent in Salt Lake City). Mormons have a specific belief, and such. do not drink alcohol, coffee and cigars. Because there is a lack of shops with alcohol, a supermarket strongest beer that you can buy only contains 3.2% alcohol. Beyond that, Mormons are quite okay, pleasant and modern people with whom you will not have any problems, moreover, I gained the impression that anyone who wished to learn about them and the church, that they are happy and that often help people and to stay in America ie. Utah. If you engage in such a conversation, probably will invite you to attend Sunday Mass, and possibly give you the Book of Mormon (The Book of Mormon). AIR-in SLC in summer is very hot from June to August temperature did not fall below 40 degrees, but the air is 100% dry, without moisture, so it is easy to handle and that it really is not. I think that for 4 months rain fell only once so who likes a warm climate and sunshine, SLC is a good destination. Accommodation is cheap, and the SLC is well connected especially with the west coast (you can find for $ 50 tickets to Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas is the hour of the year, or about 6 hours drive). Other job opportunities are numerous, the city center was literally empty with a couple of other J1 students who have worked in hotels, so I could choose where I'll be working. I worked at Temple Square as a server / buser / expo at the restaurant and the Captain knew to get out and up to 25 $ / h on a good shift.

Experience with employer Home Depot was positive.
Home Depot, $ 10.25 hourly, full time from the first to the last day. Sales Associate in the department in Lumber and Building Materials. Home Depot is the largest American "home improvement" retailer, which has 5.5 thousand shops throughout the US, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico. In essence, any action Home Depot is the same, ie. to the huge mega box action on hundreds of square meters. The system is such that there are sections ie. departments to which you allocate to work. Girls usually do at the Garden (all for the arrangement of the garden and courtyard), or as cashiers ie. cashiers or service desk (essentially similar position as cashier, receive returned goods, issue invoices, etc.), or in some cases the paint department (paints and varnishes). Men usually put to work again in the garden, hardware (various handmade machines, screws, nails, etc.), paint department, lot attendant (collect shopping carts in the parking lot and the clientele will help with loading of goods), or in the lumber and building materials (various materials wood, small and large boards, plywood, armature, cement materials, roofing materials (gutters, shingles, insulation, etc ...). We highly recommend men, and girls courageously ie those who are working or in the Garden or in the lumber and building materials required to lay down their license and learn to drive a forklift and other machines (sit down forklift, reach truck, order picker and pacer machines) because the majority goods in these sections very difficult, cumbersome and in 90% of the time on pallets, so it is very practical to have the license to drive some of the equipment listed above, because it will be your job easier, and you will not have anyone waiting to do this for you. If you show me a good worker, you can always steal a little overtime. Tips tip that is not there, but customers are sometimes offered an extra dollar for the service, it is forbidden to take but if no one sees you, then feel free to take: D. How will you do that depends on traffic operations and management, and from yourself. Our action was the largest in Utah, the rules quarter of a million $ per day traffic, and we had a very good but also very demanding management so that the bass quite enough and honest work. The biggest advantage of Home Depot as the employer is that you do not depend on the season, you have your guaranteed earnings and hours, not stand in one place, you have a lot of people around you and position themselves require fairly high level of knowledge of the English language.

This review represents personal opinion of Harun Gogic who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2016 with agency Columbus, working at Home Depot in Salt Lake City, UT.

Nov 3, 2016