Home depot, Casper, Wyoming, Ayusa

Experience with agency AYUSA was neutral.
They didn't help me a lot, many times when I called them before departure to the United States they didn't answer.

Experience with location Casper, WY was positive.
I would not recommend someone who comes in the USA for night outs, parties, etc. Much is monotonous and boring city, has no club nearby, only one Pub that is not anything special, a cinema that is always empty, a couple of shops and a small shopping center. People are generally friendly, sooo different than in larger cities, around you are mountains and nature is really, really beautiful.

Experience with employer Home Depot was neutral.
I worked as a salesman in the garden. Position seller is not only meant to help people, but also to water plants and trees 4 to 5 times per shift, which is not easy when it's 38 degrees or when in May and September, about 15 degrees. I also had to learn all about the mowing, plant products etc. I had 32 hours a week, 11.75 per hour. Season ends in the garden in late July and there are very few buyers, sometimes when we are doing more shift finish watering and a half shifts have nothing to do and then we sent to other parts of the store where we can not be of great help because we do not know much about it, or to assist in unloading the truck I consider that it is not a job for girls. Enough of older workers will not work, they acted as if they were managers and trying to order us, are going to break every hour and for that I like Home Depot did not like.  A second job can be found, I worked at Walmart, the position of remodeling, night shift. These positions are no more because the remodeling done once in 7 years, but it is not hard to get a job or cashier overnight stocker. The night shift is charged 11,90 and the day shift is 10,40 per hour. You can earn a lot of money to save a lot because you have nowhere to spend it. This year there were only 30 J1 students in Casper so that managers led us to the city, the environment Casper. When we arrived the workers were organized and gave us a lot of furniture and everything we needed to start, drove us plenty of time to work, they helped us a lot just about everything. As for accommodation, we are 8 Serbs lived in a three room flat (5min away from Home Depot), large living room, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, terrace, and we paid $ 1,650. In addition, we also had 2 pools, hot tub and gym, it's a little more expensive but worth it.

This review represents personal opinion of Aleksandar who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2016 with agency AYUSA, working at Home Depot in Casper, WY.

Dec 19, 2016