Harborside Inn

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  • Hourly: 9.75$ Number of hours per week : 38-45h Average tip : 15-20$ The Harborside Inn - in housekeeper 's job was not hard because we really had excellent manager . Therefore happy to recommend this hotel because she 'd moved back there . Hourly rate is $ 9.75 . Overtime hourly wage around $ 15 . The number of weekly hours from 38 to 45 . In July and August, you are going to have overtime and good tips . :)

  • Hourly : 9 Number of hours per week : 45 I worked in the kitchen , correct as regards earnings, always on time, does not work in the kitchen if you have no experience at least a little :) All in all a pleasant place to work.

  • I worked four days as houskeeper at the hotel for three days as a hostess in a restaurant or baser . When I worked as houskeeper , I was cleaning private houses that were owned by the hotel owner . Usually the two of us or more people work out to clean this house. As baser I worked in a restaurant of the same owner. I gathered the dishes and the waiter helped . As the hostess stand only five hours and you must know some basic things about the food.

  • Wage per hours : 9.75 Number of hours per week : Average tip (weekly ) : Working with people , the use of software that are important for an hoteliers . Wonderful Manager and the whole team , I learned a lot . One nice and unforgettable summer! Second job my employer from a bakery / pastry shops offer themselves as soon as I walked in. :) I worked as a hostess in the morning during breakfast , from 7 to 12. ( 3 months) welcomed the guests, seting table for them , bring water etc. Later I started working in the second shift at salling pies , ice cream. I cleaned literally everything , charging , worked with register - cards , making coffee. It may sound easy, but in general it is not. All in all a positive experience , I met a lot of people I learned what I did not until now. :)

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