Waldbaums, Southampton, NY, Work and travel group

Experience with agency Work & Travel Group was neutral.
Basically it was okay , I did not like that they were leting me know about documents, money at the least minute, so I unplaned had to travel from town where i study to my hometown. manly problems i had were fault of the sponsor in America.

Experience with location Southampton, NY was neutral.
Because of the shift on my first job many have rejected me , but there are plenty of offers for additional work.

Experience with employer Stop&Shop was negative.
Hours : 11.75 Number of hours per week : 32 Average tips : 0 Since it was in another town, and buses to 18h had no understanding that it is impossible to go home if you are doing the second shift , but they were not interested in that , so that majority of us would return with a taxi ( Jamajcin who rented the van ), and paid 10 dolars per person. only positive thing was that they gave us hours as much as thay said and sometimes gave overtime.

This review represents personal opinion of Ivana V. who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2005 with agency Work & Travel Group, working at Stop&Shop in Southampton, NY.

Jul 16, 2016