Work & Travel Experience / Vail Ski Resort, Avon, Colorado, American Spirit
9 Jan

Vail Ski Resort, Avon, Colorado, American Spirit

January 9, 2017 @ 8:20PM
Year of travel: 2016
Agency: American Adventure
Agency Experience: Positive

Everything went well.

Location: Avon, CO
Location Experience: Positive

Nice nature, polite people.

Employer: Vail Resorts
Employer Experience: Neutral

When season got to its maximum, it was hard working whole day outside. 9 hours work, 30 min break and you have to clock out so you are not paid for that half and hour. But that was only for maybe 1 month hard to work. Other time they were sending us earlier home because there were no people coming, so we had max 30 hours per week. No opportunity for getting extra hours (40+), and 2 out of 3 supervisors were harsh on foreigners for no reason.

Comment: If you want to have nice summer and not work too much. Thats perfect place for you.

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