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  • There are plenty of jobs, but the hours are not very enviable. Air humidity is as high as 90%, which makes it very difficult to move. And without a bike, you can not make a model anywhere. Emphasis throws those rednecks, which if you work as a server hinders the situation.

  • I was in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, a super nice place full of J1 students. It's nice because it's on the ocean, you have fun places and there are special places for J1. The people there is have good relationship with students came in the summer, luck that I found my second job so I don't resist there The rest was very nice for meeting nice people with whom I had fun and lived a beautiful experience.

  • I will write to you all the information that I did not have last year when I was moving. Extremely bad place for the program, South Carolina is one of the poorest federal states in the United States, therefore, the hour is miserable. No matter how good it sounds to you that it is 7 or 8 dollars, do not be fooled, it's a good timetable compared to ours in Serbia, but you live there in American circumstances with their prices. Evidence for this is that people from the motel where we lived were ready to go to another city for profit, over 10 of them were gone because they were underpaid enough. Charges for another job are good, however, it should be very persistent. To conclude a specific tip: Watch that you go to the big cities on the east coast (New York, Boston) or right in them (Washington DC), the profit there is fantastic and you would surely earn at least 40% more than going to Myrtle Bic, Anyone who was this year tells you.

  • A resort location with intense summer and many opportunities for a second job.

  • Tourist town, crowded in season. Little Miami :) It's easy to come up with another job. The city is beautiful, has a great beach and promenade where you can find additional job. All ropes 24 hours, restaurants, clubs, discos everywhere. It's good for socializing and for business. It's harder to find accommodation, so search for it on time. Therefore, it is a cheap accommodation and food. It has all nations, not just the Serbs, which was important to me because I want to improve my language. I honestly would recommend this place.

  • The first 15 days I could not find anything as far as the second job , the season is a little delayed , but after the ones who are persistent were able to find . City as the place is nice all the way , though much larger than I imagined , the bike is essential , wherever you are . People have little or farmers are pleasant . There are few places to go out , but they were the best parties in our hotel :)

  • I had some difficulty with finding of second job , and it was not just my problem, most could not . I filled more than 20 applications and are never called me . The city is beautiful, I do not have objections , however, it seems to me that there are some great places to go out . Ocean nothing special , most went to the pools. All in all , a fine little place

  • too many students

  • I liked the city , I worked three jobs at one time

  • It is easily found another job I worked at Dunkin Donuts as a second job

  • Beautiful tourist town with many attractions , beautiful beaches, and for lovers of nightlife , Myrtle Beach is the real thing ! :) As for the other work , it is really easy to find, it is enough to walk a little , you enter a few restaurants ( boutiques , hotels or where you already want to do ) ask them if they need a worker , and if so ( always needed ! ) you got the job ! :)

  • beautiful and a great place to work and spend summer to the ocean , lots of tourists, it is easy to find jobs for those who want additional job

  • A huge tourist destination , great possibility of finding second job , nightlife too good ..

  • I didn't search for second job, although there were plenty of them who worked two jobs, the city is small but it is ok , there are plenty of work and travel of students from Serbia , Bulgarians have all you want is still there, eastern europe

  • Turistic place Little Nothing special

  • Turistic place, on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, has a job during the summer and warm in the city

  • Tourist place , plaza , air cool, a place known for J1 students as recognizable labor force , relatively easy finding another job , harmonized costs of living and salaries

  • Myrtle beach , the town is small , it is a tourist town , such as Budva, Montenegro . Signs flying full and active, others you can not find a man on the street. Finding a job is not easy , since there are too many people who come because of the season in other cities across the east coast . In any case , it is not by any chance you do not go there. San Diego , one word PARADISE . Whoever can , let him go to the big city , east, west, everywhere . My sincere recommendation for San Diego , since the climate is the most beautiful in the world is large enough that there is always a lot of work and new tourists, all the Best . I could not speak highly by the hundreds of sentences , let alone in such a small box.

  • A small town on the East Coast , 3 building, 2 blocks , 2 nightclubs. Never go there.

  • Ok place is a summer resort for America in my opinion a small village but there is still a lot of students from all over the world so you can always make a ok atmosphere , and there are places to enjoy !

  • It is very easy to find a job if you are just a little trying . There are a couple of clubs that are very good and are released and our music . The vast majority of locals are very friendly and will help you if they ask for it .

  • Wonderful place on the coast , a lot of students and young people , it is easy to get to other job, even before the end of the season. Who loves the beach , sea, parties and socializing , the right location for them.

  • The place where we stayed , Myrtle Beach , South Carolina, had offers from other jobs, so we 'll find another job 2 months after arrival. Therefore we invested money back , nor did we traveled .

  • A job I could find , I even changed 5 jobs , until I came to a constant 3 , which I did, but that did not help to make money , because the place was almost empty, season practically did not exist and very important thing is that people who went there mainly have left very good reason for this tip is a social stock. So it's not a place where rich people go , which is very important because in America living from tips.

  • The city is beautiful, as to the majority of parties was at home. If you are in Myrtle Beach, you need a lot of money for a taxi, and the cafes are quite expensive, considering that the entry of some 30 dollars. Due to the lack of public transport, mostly used bike so that the movement is limited, the only thing the beautiful beach ..

  • The city is great, but to avoid. Tropical heat, pouring rain when it all day and dogs . In the end we get a few days off because it is not stopped falling. It is easiest to find a job as a maid at the hotel , although there are tip I would recommend. The main street is nothing special , good jobs are located in Barefoot. The city has no bus which is the very bad side . You need half an hour to cross the street because the traffic lights somewhere is not there . I recommend selling ice cream as a job especially Italian ice .

  • The possibility of finding another job is solid, especially now because there are our people who are even managers of bars, but it is not difficult to hire , if you need to . :)

  • Myrtle Beach is a really wonderful place , especially for Work and Travel. The city represents the resort, there are a lot of people during the season , it is very lively and cheerful . Often hold various events and performances at the center. Little, nice place where there is everything you want . Excellent air , life on the ocean , a large number of students from all states of the world. Nightlife laudable . A huge number of nightclubs , where you can find something for everyone . A large number of cafes, bars, restaurants and all the small remoteness . You need about 20 minutes by walk and 10 minutes by bike to get to the center from anywhere in the city. Prices are very affordable in cafes and nightclubs

  • The city is on the coast and is very nice. Finding another job is possible and definitely a wonderful experience and a wonderful location .

  • A place where you can easily get to the extra work , good entertainment, new acquaintances and socializing . Good experience on every issue.

  • I never had a need for second job because I was getting a good overtime , so I do not know how hard it is to find another job .

  • Myrtle Beach is one of the most beautiful summer residence. Possibility good earnings and unforgettable entertainment . Good clubs, accessible prices. A new acquaintance and unforgettable experience :)

  • Myrtle Beach is a beautiful place during summer. A lot of people , excellent climate, for the whole year I think it is 7 to 8 times only rained that immediately after the rain sun rise and continued after the fall of the most old. Rain otherwise 15min . :) Since the tourist town for another job depends a lot on seasone. There is never so bad that no job is only important that he is looking at the weather , which I think is the case in other places. Nightlife is great there are plenty of discos and bars . Accommodation: accommodation As far as we are living in the Court Capri hotel where he lived and most students. It's nothing special but quite enough. With the accommodation , you can use 2 swimming pools one internal one immediately to the beach and 3 Jacuzzis , of which one on 10th floor hotel is open.. :) The apartments are like a little apartment , 2 bedrooms bathroom kitchen terrace. We were 4 in a room , the rooms may be 6 except that we did not want to push so we expanded after people. :) The price was about $ 70 for the week .

  • Tourist town , a beautiful plaza , the crowd of tourists..j Public transport is bad , but to work all arrive by bicycle ( which can be obtained from blacks $ 20 :)) to tom 10.15 min..u a center of it all is , clubs , restaurants , boutiques , and there were mostly all employers , and there is required and other job.. But in such a small place you can not find Turkish coffee , soup , while in NY, Chicago has everything from eurokrem to ajvar (serbain nutella and a dish from paprika):) Accommodation: hotel, from 150 to 250 $ monthly. Everyone are located next to the beach , with pools.. Everyone have a kitchen with some basic dishes, has a maid , tv, wireless ... and it has a totally inexpensive variant ( about $ 100 per month per person), to rent a empty house but would then have to buy mattresses for sleeping, cooking utensils , .. both can not seek on the spot, when you arrived there ..

  • The Business has generally been very little, but I can say that I had a lot of luck in finding another posla.Sezona was desperate, and many students are unhappy with how the work of the Agency, as well as the possibility of finding another posla.Mesto as Sutomore in Montenegro.

  • There is plenty of work to do. Beach is very beautiful. Nightlife really stormy. Primarily a tourist town, an interesting place on the east coast that are worth a visit.

  • Bad possibility of finding additional work. Climate, accommodation, nightlife are full. :)

  • The second job has not been easy to find, the place is beautiful, tourist place, great for entertainment!

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