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17 Dec

The Ritz-Carlton, Lake Tahoe, California, Karavan Travel

March 7, 2017 @ 11:17PM
Year of travel: 2016
Agency: Karavan Travel
Agency Experience: Positive

Maximum attentive, they were there for all questions, super agency.

Location: Lake Tahoe, CA
Location Experience: Positive

Beautiful place! One of the largest and the most beautiful lake in the United States, with beautiful beaches such as Sand Harbor and Emerald Bay. I'm sorry that I worked so hard and have no time to go around and enjoy the city. The only problem with the place was the transfer to the hotel since it is in the middle of the mountains, and accommodation is on the beach at the bottom of the mountain. Get ready to leave by bus to half the mountain, stopping at a still. It's totally okay solution, since this road go only guests and employees, and often within a few minutes a fit. This is a temporary solution until you get to know colleagues who work in your shift and can take you all the way to work.

Employer: The Ritz-Carlton Club
Employer Experience: Neutral

First let me say that the Ritz-Carlton is really a prestigious hotel and is very well put that experience in the CV. Management changes from year to year, a lot of it depends on the experience with the job. As regards the timetable, it happens that it gets 32-40h week. In the overtime forget, hold each letter of the law and do not want to have to pay overtime hourly rate while the number of hours trying to always be under 40h. If you do not get even close to 40k you can search for shifts in other departments. During the first month, before the middle of June (later if you manage) it is best to catch shifts in banquets because it pays well. What we did not like is how the HR behaves according to the requirements of students. They have a J1 during the summer and winter, and only turning out. I know a lot of students who were dissatisfied with the number of hours, or HR said that was promised 32h per week on average, when we take into account the total number of hours and weeks and are not willing to help if you get 25h past month or two.

Comment: I would recommend the location and employer. Grab extra shifts during the first month until they rest J1 and summer workers. Lake Tahoe itself is beautiful, this is a must see.
Katarina Kovač

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