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27 Oct

Shaws market, Falmouth, Massachusetts, Ayusa

October 27, 2016 @ 9:29AM
Year of travel: 2016
Agency: AYUSA
Agency Experience: Positive

Organized, correct.

Location: Falmouth, MA
Location Experience: Neutral

The tourist town of medium size. In the main street there are plenty of restaurants and shops, there are Walmart, TJ Maxx, Christmas Tree, etc. It can be found another job, although I did not have until the beginning of July. I was able to do such at Walmart or Stop and Shop, which are always in the people, but I could not imagine doing 15 to two same job. The first "other activities" have found people who came in mid-May and sometime in early June, then we who come around June 1, only there in late June, early July. Wherever we went looking for jobs we were told that the season has not started yet and that we get about 3 July.

Employer: Shaw's
Employer Experience: Negative

I worked in the Department produce, my job was to slicing fruit and packaged in plastic containers, follow what is missing on the shelves, and accordingly do. It's not particularly hard, the manager was ok, I agreed to give me a fixed shift, so I worked from the beginning to the end of the program the same shift. The problem, especially for girls, is that it is in the room in which it is terribly cold (due to the natural fruit). In the beginning, it was ok, but as time went on and the temperature outside rose, they seem to have lowered the temperature. No double socks and two shirts under their uniforms could be done. It has been my experience, though, it was the girls who have not been so cold, depends on the person. I've even had a certain health problems due to cold and i was thinking of denunciation, however, I asked for fewer hours, which they complied with, since all the dr departments were full and could not asking for a transfer. No one would recommend this market to work for 8 down how much you get when you refuse taxes, just not worth it. The main managers are looking at the end just to shorten the hours, because already after August 10th they do not need such a large number of students, and they do not receive bass male bonuses push out the season with a hundred small cost (read employees' salaries). In the season they all had about 40 h, there were overtime, but never more than 51.52 h per week. I could not choose the department where I work, and then I heard from other students that some gave themselves to choose probably depends on the date on which you move and their needs. To be clear, I'm not someone who never did anything in my life, I worked many jobs and in Belgrade, changed a couple Affairs and the United States, or simply this is the worst employer until now. A quote for this job I accepted because I was late checked in, I could not much to choose, and I wanted east coast, so that was because they were not sure whether to have more activities after the March 16, . So if you are planning over Ayusa, as soon as you sign up as an advantage in the selection of operations with those of the earlier application.

Comment: Special Services: A private yacht club- prep cook-11-dollar preparing salads and desserts, not hard and there was a lot of work because it is a small restaurant, I had a meal. Here I sometimes worked as basser, the same hourly wage plus tip. Then I wanted to find something else, not to be in the kitchen and I found a job in a pub BnB bassers / food runners, passing away food, setting tables, etc.. The team is really great, from the staff manager to the owner. It was also the best job and a job in which I went gladly. Hours 8 down plus tip, which was from 25-70 down to night, depending on the day and the volume of work. When I'm in the market worked fewer hours, I found housekeeping in Mariner Motel, where after getting a job, and my roommate and another two Serbs and one boy did we have in the team, no pressure, we had lots of room, manager of the fair. Hours 12 plus tip (sometimes have nothing and sometimes 20 down in the room, but the room was average 5-10$). I would also mention quarters, which I had provided, and went alone. I found him alone greater before put through fb ads. Basically, the Greeks Minos not recommend anyone to live, if I do not force him sick. 45 min from Shaws bicycle at night is not just a pleasant drive and many other things, anyone interested can leave me a message. With two other girls I was a week later moved to Great bay motel, which everyone says it is not safe and so on. We moved to a renovated room, so we were ok. Motel is nothing special, the room can be 4 people, three of us shared a weekly rent of 350. There were still students at the motel, so it was ok, but there were also a little creepy after mid september when most students had left motel and came various people that are renting the room. I believe that all the agencies that send students to the cape, we have to try harder about finding accommodation, as well as the Shaws supermarket, which employs so many students.

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