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14 Aug

Riley Company, Cape Cod, Kouzon

August 14, 2016 @ 12:24PM
Year of travel: 2010
Agency: Kouzon
Agency Experience: Neutral

Cooperation in Serbia has been good , but we had a problem with the change of date of the flight ( which we eventually cost $ 300 ) and they didn't care about us . We simply were not in the system , and the tickets are purchased through an agency , and it was necessary that they see .

Location: Cape Cod, MA
Location Experience: Positive

A place called South Wellfleet , the climate is similar to ours , although the nights are somewhat cooler . Nightlife is very bad , because we were literally in the middle of the highway :) Another job we found relatively quickly , and he was better paid ( Baser , $ 5 per hour , but the tip was good ) . Otherwise , Boston is 1.5 hours drive and Provincetown for half an hour , and there's nightlife , but to warn you that this is a gay city , and there we went to a gay parade :) Accommodation : Accommodation was at the boss , on the floor of store in which we worked . $ 80 a week , two bedrooms and two toilets , and one bathroom . Kitchen we had but we are prepared outside :) and everyone loved my specialties :) There were three of us .

Employer: Riley Company
Employer Experience: Positive

The first $ 8.5 , and then we raise $ 9 because they were satisfied . Job description: I have worked in the store only the first shift , from 15 to 8 to 2. From 5 up to 10 or 11 half I worked in a restaurant, and there I was 4-5 days a week . I only had one full day of rest, and then we went to the purchase of resting , cook , go to the beach which is very close if you are going by bicycle. Business was not difficult to work with customers at the cash register and packaging of goods. In the restaurant we hid dirty dishes and cleaned the tables for new guests . At the end of the shift we vacuumed and wiped the floors , so that everything was ready for the next day .

Comment: Ovo iskustvo je nezaboravno. Amerikanci mnogo cene dobre radnike i neće vas tako lako ispustiti, a nagradiće vas propisno ukoliko se potrudite. Ovo je odličan način za usavršavanje jezika. Jedina mana je što sezona traje samo 2 meseca, dok su jun i septembar prilično slabi.

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