Work & Travel Experience / Publix Supermarkets, South Caroline, Hilton Head Island, Inspirit
3 Aug

Publix Supermarkets, South Caroline, Hilton Head Island, Inspirit

August 3, 2016 @ 5:36PM
Year of travel: 2013
Agency: Inspirit
Agency Experience: Positive

Ok people, ready for cooperation and help. It was some problems about the papers but it is not their fault .

Location: Hilton Head Island, SC
Location Experience: Neutral

Well now , we're at the beginning of endured suffering , but it is probably so in most cases when you go the first time. We had a very bad first shift at work , which has prevented us to find a good job II , but somehow we all settle into the end ... At a little hard way though , but ok ... Nightlife ok , par for exiting the city , people are friendly , helpful , always willing to help. Island beautiful , a lot of students . You can accomplish everything with bike, no way you can do it walking.

Employer: Publix
Employer Experience: Neutral

Hours : 10.5 Hours per week: 35-40 Average tip : No tips, and if you succeed something to save-it is nothing. Comply with the promised number of hours , not just everyone, but failed to comply with the number of working days, before we release it. Employees relaxed , always ready for fun ..


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