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27 Dec

McDonald’s, Ocean City, MD, American Spirit

December 28, 2016 @ 1:22PM
Year of travel: 2016
Agency: American Spirit
Agency Experience: Positive

Very positive experience I had with this agency, I would recommend it to everyone. We were always in touch and here in Serbia and in America, I'm not from Novi Sad and they have always come out to meet on the issue. Another important thing is to work with the sponsoring agency in America that is not difficult. We also received a gift from them, tablets. And I would say that they are completely realistic and have time for each student, because of my student status some agencies have refused me and told me that I would not go sighting, while I was in the American Spirit received and helped make pass sighting.

Location: Ocean City, MD
Location Experience: Positive

As for Ocean City, a beautiful city, a tourist city that is very long, this would not stressed and it is very important, so that you pay attention where you work and where you will live. It has a bus that regularly goes and everything is great, paid $ 3 a day and there is no option for monthly. For those a little more insistent there is an option to buy a bike, you can buy the new Walmart-in up to $ 100, and are used in many places and there are good and bad, better and cost the same as used and new, I bought a used 90 $ so I would not go to Walmart and sold by the same man for $ 20 at the end of the season, if you decide to buy a bike you should know that the hard drive after flying is very hot and humid, while the wind not to tell you. I'm finally going by bus. This place is good for students who are going for the first time since a lot of students coming in here and it is very popular, and the citizens themselves are oriented towards J1 students, also has a lot of events for tourists and disco should you be interested, and student parties.

Employer: McDonalds
Employer Experience: Positive

My first job was at McDonald's are where I worked at the start in the kitchen and I baked french fries every day, until I figured out how everything works, mainly doing always the same, although it depends, later I was working at the cash register with the customers, and to you is much better, you just have to know the language. Basically you should know that this is about much more than elsewhere, has to stand even when there are no customers, to us and said, and we believe we hourly rate was $ 9. As my second job was in the "Big Pecker 's Bar & Grill " where the minimum hourly rate $ 8.75 but it is a lot more relaxed and you can sit down to relax of course within reasonable limits. I'm also working in the kitchen and had a meal.

Comment: Anyone who doubts I would recommend to try this program because it can not be described.
Nebojša Barna

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