Work & Travel Experience / Litterers food court, Ocean City, New Jersey, AYUSA
9 Oct

Litterers food court, Ocean City, New Jersey, AYUSA

October 9, 2017 @ 8:30AM
Year of travel: 2017
Agency: AYUSA
Agency Experience: Positive

My experience is very positive. All of them are ready to cooperate and help. They helped us for everything we needed. Job offers are very good, they are trying to fulfill your wishes and expectations, Next year I will go to the program with same agency, really I have to say just good words about them!

Location: Ocean City, NJ
Location Experience: Positive

Touristic city, nice and quiet, people are wonderful and communicative.

Employer: Litterers food court
Employer Experience: Positive

As with every job at the beginning it was difficult until you get used to it, however, the cooperation is correct and they respect all your rights, the payment was regular.


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