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If you own or manage an accommodation in United States you can list your business for free.
Since 2011 we are helping future Work & Travel ( J1 ) program participants to make better decision about choosing right agency, employer or location where they will be working and traveling.

Our products workandtravel.iskustvo.org and eworkandtravel.com are review-based websites operating in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Hercegovina, Macedonia and Croatia. eworkandtravel.com was founded as brand new, localized and more organized version of workandtravel.iskustvo.org.

Over 750 users shared their Work & Travel experience and created over 2200 reviews with 32 agencies, 396 employers and 203 locations all over United States.

Our numbers based on Google Analytics ( 1.September 2015 – 1. June 2016 )


Visits 88,385
Unique Users 47,079
Page Views 419,954
Avg. Session Duration 00:04:59
Top countries
Serbia 58,813
Bosnia & Herzegovina 6,588
Croatia 6,401
Montenegro 5,304
United States 3,761
Macedonia 2,264

All data is based on our main website workandtravel.iskustvo.org. On request we can provide full Google Analytics report.

Free Listing

List your accommodation for FREE and help J1 student to find good & safe home for his summer Work & Travel program.

Please fill the form below and we will review your space before publishing it.

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