Work & Travel Experience / Jolly Roger Amusement park, Ocean City, MD, WAT Montenegro
19 Nov

Jolly Roger Amusement park, Ocean City, MD, WAT Montenegro

November 19, 2017 @ 5:24PM
Year of travel: 2017
Agency: WAT Montenegro
Agency Experience: Positive

They are ok. Very good experience, everything was on time although the agency was always busy, Agents are good, correct and helpful, interested and ready to help, very much. I will defenitely go with them to the USA next summer if I will pass this exams!

Location: Ocean City, MD
Location Experience: Positive

An excellent place on the East coast- that is an incredible city! It is most looks like Italian Rimini... there a lot of hotels on the beach, so you have where to go if you look for second job. The city is very alive, so is nice to be there during the summer. The wheather is excellent, but sometimes is too hot..

Employer: Jolly Roger Amusement Park
Employer Experience: Neutral

In the beginning they had no understanding about shift and finding one more job... Then I tried to love me so I succeeded to choose shifts that correspond to me... The only thing I would change is accommodation where are many students ...

Comment: I want to go again :)
Klara Radonjic

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