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4 Dec

High Sierra Pools, Marlborough, Massachusetts, Ayusa

December 4, 2017 @ 2:27PM
Year of travel: 2017
Agency: AYUSA
Agency Experience: Positive

I will recommend Ayusa to everyone, because they are very organized and always are there to help and answer to all yours questions.

Location: Marlborough, MA
Location Experience: Positive

A small city, half an hour away from Boston. People are very nice and friendly. The city has everything is need to live. It is quiet, so it isn't a city where you can go out a lot. There is work, but it depends of what is the first job.

Employer: High Sierra Pools
Employer Experience: Positive

I had more working hours a week than is average for the lifeguards. That automatically means that the contract was respected.

Comment: If I could go next summer, I will go for sure. I am an student on the last year now and that could be a problem for visa, and I should graduate 🙂 . All in all, wonderful experience. I saw and learned a lot, earned and spent, and brought money home. Of course, it is important how you get on, but smile on your face and positive thoughts. Whatever you turn, that way is your choice and you should to use it in the best way! Enjoy!
Milica Djordjevic

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