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14 Aug

Harborside Inn, Block Island, Rhode Island, Experience

August 14, 2016 @ 10:04AM
Year of travel: 2015
Agency: Experience
Agency Experience: Positive

All praise for the team Experience in Novi Sad . As for me , I am happy with them . Correct and are always there for us .

Location: Block Island, RI
Location Experience: Positive

The island is beautiful and you will not regret if you come . Mostly coming riches , and there no bums . The island is very quiet, people friendly . Air moderately warm with frequent summer showers . :) As for night life, there are a couple of clubs that are open until 01h PM , and very frequent Serbian parties . :)

Employer: Harborside Inn
Employer Experience: Positive

Hourly: 9.75$ Number of hours per week : 38-45h Average tip : 15-20$ The Harborside Inn - in housekeeper 's job was not hard because we really had excellent manager . Therefore happy to recommend this hotel because she 'd moved back there . Hourly rate is $ 9.75 . Overtime hourly wage around $ 15 . The number of weekly hours from 38 to 45 . In July and August, you are going to have overtime and good tips . :)


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