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21 Nov

Food Lion / Nick’s Original House of Ribs, Ocean City, MD, Inspirit

November 26, 2016 @ 2:00PM
Year of travel: 2016
Agency: Inspirit
Agency Experience: Positive

The Agency is ok, only complaint is that it is known to happen that a document must be sent within two days of receiving the mail. I had a problem with the visa, lasted three or four months instead of the girl from the agency me via e-mail helped that continues for another month. All praise for the dedication.

Location: Ocean City, MD
Location Experience: Positive

Ocean City is a small town with one main street, which is a long 15-20 kilometers. The city is nothing special, full of wooden houses (apartments), hotels, restaurants, shops and bars (Americans say that the OC-bar scene, not many clubs or bars at every 50 meters). Purely tourist place in Central and higher class, overlooking the ocean. The climate is oceanic, which means that it is very humid and warm. The average temperature is around 30 degrees, but due to the high percentage of moisture subjective feeling is that the 40+ In Ocean City there is an outlet Tangers which can be found quite cheap and the marked goods (american eagle, adidas, north face etc.), A 40-minute bus is another Tangers outlet center (I think the place called Rehoboth Beach), which is composed of three parts. Buying a bike is a very good solution if you are not much away from work because the entire length of the main street there is a lane for cyclists and city bus. The greatest problem for cyclists wind that constantly blows. I may be exaggerating, but I got the impression that 90% of my time spent on the bike wind blew at me making it difficult to ride a bike.

Employer: Food Lion
Employer Experience: Positive

Food Lion: My position was to full shelves, drawing products in the front row and that helps buyers to find the products they seek. In essence it is an easy job, the hourly wage was $ 9, fixed schedule, six and a half hours a day, 5 working days in a week. It can work up to 40 hours (stay a little longer at work every day), however, are very strict as to not give overtime. I worked in West Ocean City, all the managers were quite correct, went out to meet me when I found another job, sometimes when I was just too tired to let me go home early (on another job I was working for tips, so I was not really motivated to work for the timetable given that I earned twice as much money on another job at the same time). Nick's Original House of Ribs: For this restaurant all the recommendations. It is located at the end of OC-I, 145 Street. The interior of the restaurant is done with style, managers are great and the workers friendly. I worked initially as a baser (3.65 + tips from 80-120 dollars a day + food) but later I got the service position when the American students started going (mid - end of August). Although the shock has passed season (July - August) the average I earned about $ 120 for 3.5 to 4 hours of effective job. Once it used to be 70 dollars a day and sometimes 170. Guests are pleasant, I had some big problems, prefer European students, and they are interested in who we are, what we are and where we come from. Business Server is very easy at least as far as the physical part of the job. Psychologically it can be difficult in the sense that when you have a crowd of 5-6 tables, all those seeking something and all you have to save and bring them. Of course you have to be always smiling and positive (why i would not be a day when you earn a little less than the average Serbian monthly salaries). From my experience Americans if they see that you are valuable and that you want to work, and will reward (I got a promotion).

Comment: Some of the important things: - SIM card - I recommend you do not buy when they come to the airport unless you really do not need (I unfortunately had to because there were some complications with the transportation from the airport). I used the H2O card. Month I was paying $ 30, you get a minute, message and gigabyte internet which is (to me at least) was more than enough. - Bicycle - Bicycle is a great thing to move through OC-ROM. In Wallmart (which is relatively close) for about 80-100 bucks you can buy a new bicycle. Not very good quality but it will survive the season without problems. I bought a used bike with thin tires for $ 70, but I gave another 70 for new tires. As for the sale of the bike when the season is over, I do not know how it goes. I heard that if you purchase from some agencies may sell it back for less money, but you have to check with someone who is doing it. I have given my colleague from work. Very important is to look at the condition of the bicycle chain since I saw that sell all kinds of bicycles and even those with rusty chains as if they were at the bottom of the ocean 200 years. Of course you have the correct tires and brakes to work. Chain can always lubricated with olive oil. - Public transport: Throughout the OC bus ride which costs $ 3 for the whole day (ticket is valid for 24 hours, from 6 to 6). Americans really know how to go overboard with air conditioning, the difference in the van and the bus can be over 10 degrees. For every 100-200 meters there is a stop, so that you can move freely through the city. - Prices: OC is not exactly a cheap city. But the Americans have solved the problem of food GMO. For example. There is bread, which costs $ 0.99 and up to $ 10. Of course, the quality increases with price. And so for almost all products. Toilet paper is expensive. Of course, as with bread, there is a Cha-Ching toilet paper, which is $ 0.99, but I would strongly recommend that you do not buy a percent does not look exactly the healthiest. For all the products on which explicitly writes that are organic, you can be sure that the GMO. Vegetables strange looks (or perhaps perfectly) but it is the same taste. Example. one organic carrot / carrot costs $ 0.80 and for that money you can get much more GMO carrots. I personally did not notice any particular difference in taste GMO vs Organic. All in all, organic is much more expensive than GMO. Many people are interested in whether and how much to earn. It's all up to you. It depends on what you appetite and why you are coming. My recommendation is not to do two jobs on schedule. Work on the schedule is good if you get a lot of overtime, which is in many cases difficult to cast out. Overtime means working long hours, little time for socializing with people, and even less for the holidays. With 650-700 dollars a week you should fail to repay the program, accommodation and earn enough to travel and to return some money home. At least I feel right. I've had little luck with finding another job, however, it happened that I have not managed to bring the money back home to pay program. Of course, the first days hard until you get used to the two jobs or job later get into the routine. I met a lot of different people, cultures, I have traveled a bit, I visited a lot of museums (Washington is full of museums and monuments, and five days there is little that can be circled, NYC too) that actually has nothing to see and science. I gained work experience (the real business of America is a job easily done) and work habits. I became independent, won some fears and further perfected the natural English. I'm sorry that I had not gone to this program (I'm master student). If I knew that this program will receive much positive experience, would be reported in the first year and so far I'd probably be in Australia on the Work and Travel program :)

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