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13 Oct

Denali Armark, Denali, Aljaska, Work and Travel Group

October 13, 2016 @ 4:30PM
Year of travel: 2014
Agency: Work and Travel Group
Agency Experience: Positive

They are correct. I had provided (work, accommodation, food) and that all to me was very important because I went the first time and alone.

Location: Denali, AK
Location Experience: Positive

The place is very small and do not recommend to those who go mainly for fun. It is good for those who want to earn and have all provided. At the end of the year you can on a good cruise because Hawaii is pretty close and there are very good deals for Cruise and is not expensive.

Employer: Denali Aramark
Employer Experience: Positive

Hours: 12 $ Number of hours per week: 32 min Average tip: I worked in the kitchen because my English was not so good, I had a little too much experience in the work. I earned nice and managers were correct. Most liked what I had orgnizated transport to work and all three meals and accommodation for only 105 $ a week.


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