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2 Dec

Chatam Motel, Chatam, Cape Cod, MA, Karavan Travel

December 2, 2016 @ 10:26AM
Year of travel: 2016
Agency: Karavan Travel
Agency Experience: Positive

They are correct, I had a positive experience and will go through them again.

Location: Chatham, MA
Location Experience: Positive

The city is generally little as regards certain dates. It is not something, the more the family. Beautiful beach. It is to find another job. There were plenty of restaurants, shops, looking for a lot of students. There are accommodations here just for students. The people are very friendly. I have the impression that there were more students for some of them. Over the year, live and there are plenty of activities and in winter there is nothing.

Employer: Chatham Motel
Employer Experience: Positive

It is not difficult. If the crowd sometimes work in a team and sometimes it is alone. Managers are taught what we should be when it was the pressure it never happened that the customer waits. And we had a team organized. Menu hundred liked is that no comparisons boss and subordinate, if it is crowded all the jumps and doing all of them. $ 10 hourly wage and overtime it would be 15 $ after 40 hours per week. I had a particularly overtime last week.

Comment: I'm going back to the same place at the same position. Who's ready to do something and to invest some effort will be back twice as much.
Maja Zarkovic

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