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4 Jan

Block Island Grocery Store, Block Island, RI, Experience

January 4, 2017 @ 11:32AM
Year of travel: 2016
Agency: Experience
Agency Experience: Positive

Everything the best.

Location: Block Island, RI
Location Experience: Positive

Beautiful island, locals are more than friendly, is easy to find another job.

Employer: Block Island Grocery
Employer Experience: Negative

Who wants to earn- skip grocery. No one has overtime, so the calculations easy. For 2 weeks on how to give the check when they take off fees and accommodation remains $ 420, the manager of the siptar, shifts were terrible, there were people who, because of shifts could not find another job ... From time to time give us the rules of the grill meat that has not sold a shelf life is coming to an end, we had the best accommodation on the island and 20% discount in the shop which is expensive and rates. Most managers are bastards who gossip about each other students (cast exceptions)

Comment: All in all, a fantastic island, with beautiful nature which is definitely worth a go.

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