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16 Jul

Beach Buddies Linen Service, Panama City Beach, Work And Travel Group

July 16, 2016 @ 10:23AM
Year of travel: 2011
Agency: Work and Travel Group
Agency Experience: Negative

First they promised a job at Martha's Vineyard , however, are not limited the number of applicants , so that we are after the job fair fallen more than 50 %. Then my sister and I barely managed to get a job , only at the beginning of May , on the way , as I later found out , asking the students who go to self option. I paid full option. Organisation times was totally up to us , and when we complained to the job and the conditions in which we live there , they helped us neither they , nor the sponsors of CSI .

Location: Panama City Beach, FL
Location Experience: Negative

The city is beautiful , the beaches are amazing , nightlife is very good, there are a lot of young people ... As for other work , very difficult, no one wants to hire you , because there all employers employing over contractors , and contractors are themselves bastards of people who view their employees as slaves. Accommodation: $ 300 per month , accommodation is in large Corners , 10-12 , mostly there are 3 rooms. Be a little crowded in the kitchen, but he knows to be interesting :)

Employer: Beach Buddies Linen Services
Employer Experience: Neutral

7,25 dollars / h , overtime is not paid , 9 , 10, 15 hours a day , no days off Job description: Laundry : it is extremely hard , because it is very hot , but it is physically hard work in a hall that is open , and there is no sentiment . In addition to the still and boring, i do not have a chance to improve yourself English, because there is no one even knows English.

Comment: I would not recommend this place because the employers towards the students behave as if they were illegal immigrants , just looking for ways to maximize and dig for couples. This is not just my personal experience , there were many students and very few of those who were satisfied. I know that sounds very attractive Florida , but I am for the time while I was there , only a couple of times went to the beach, just did not have time to kill the job , a salary I was not at all pleased.
Sanja B.

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