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9 Jul

Aramark Denali, Denali, Aljaska, Work and Travel Group

July 9, 2016 @ 9:38PM
Year of travel: 2015
Agency: Work and Travel Group
Agency Experience: Positive

I signed up in their office in Nis . The team has great people , they provide all the necessary information and are very correct . As I asked for the information in lot of the agencies, they have somehow looked most reliable. There was a few situations where they have insisted that something must be brought urgently. But what thet say they fulfil. Because that was first time that I am going to USA, it was wery important to me that I have a house , a job and insurance. With that there were no problems

Location: Denali, AK
Location Experience: Positive

There was a lot of posibilities so success depended of a person. Mostly jobs in hotels and restaurants . I've found a second job in a restaurant as busser and I was very happy because I had tips.

Employer: Aramark
Employer Experience: Positive

Wage per hour : 8.75 Number of hours per week : 42 Average tip (weekly ): no My first job was in the laundry room . That's what I got through an agency . Hourly rate was 8.75 but I had a really cheap accommodation and provided with all three meals. So all this is quite compensate. So that was enough to compensate for a lot.

Jovana Miladinovic

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