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Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort, Lake Placid, NY, Work Abroad

February 2, 2018

Excellent cooperation with Work Abroad agency. They were with us during the whole stay in America and provided all the necessary information.

Ljiljana Kuburovic    Serbia     Positive    

Bethesda Country Club, Washington DC, Work abroad

February 2, 2018

I am very pleased, the agency Work Abroad is exceptional. All praise, cooperation, availability, engagement...

Ivana    Serbia     Positive    

Continental Pools, Bethesda, Maryland, Work Abroad

February 1, 2018

The employees helped us with collecting documentation for embassy. Also, employees went to USA with us, so they were able at any time to solve our potentional problems.

Teodora Tepavcevic    Serbia     Positive    

Continental pools, Alexandria, VA, Work abroad

February 1, 2018

An excellent cooperation. All conditions are more than realized. All recommendations.

Mihailo    Serbia     Positive    

Continental pools, Gaithersburg, Maryland, Work Abroad

January 31, 2018

The agency was quite correct. What has been said about the program is realized. They helped us as far as they could. All in all, I have no objections regarding the agency.

Jelisaveta    Serbia     Positive    

Continental pools, Washington, Maryland, Work Abroad

January 31, 2018

The experience with the agency is excellent, all that was promised, was realized, as far as accommodation and transportation are concerned. Our accommodation was close to job, in one very interesting, safe and urban part of the city. People from the agency were available for us 24 hours.

Natalija    Serbia     Positive    

Continental Pools, Gaithersburg, Maryland, Work Abroad

January 25, 2018

Quick, simply, convenient. I am very satisfied with the work, so I'm going again this year.

Dejan Bulaja    Serbia     Positive    

Continental Pools, Arlington, Virginia, Work Abroad

December 26, 2017

My experience was really good. They did everything as they said they would do. Everything was perfectly organized. Before the interview at the ambasy they prepeared us so we don’t get scared and they were there waiting for us an congratulating us when we got our visas. They orginized the transportation from the airport and to the airport on my way back. While i was in the States the agency was always checking on me, asking if everything is okay, how am i, do i need any help with anything. I was really thrilled that they are showing interest in every one of us and that i can count on them if i need any help.i would recommend this agency to everyone because i really have good experience and that is why i am going with them again next year because i know everything is going to be perfect.

Natasa Gavrilov    Serbia     Positive    

Continental Pools, Washington, Work Abroad

August 14, 2016

Agency Work Abroad is ok , although I had a small problem , and it was not about Dusan through which I went to the USA ... In fact the agency is not bad as well as the company itself ...

Jelena S    Serbia     Neutral    

Continental Pools, Norwood, MA, Work Abroad

August 10, 2016

They are complied everything, we had no problem .

Ognjen Zagajac    Serbia     Positive    

Continental Pools INC., Herndon, VA, Work Abroad

August 10, 2016

The Agency is top notch. You can choose where you want to work . They are for each form of cooperation. My experience has been positive with the agency .

Boško Davidović    Serbia     Positive    

Continental pools, Waltham, Massachusetts, Work Abroad

August 9, 2016

The Agency has complied with everything that was agreed in Belgrade. What was most important to me is that I do not sleep on inflatable mattresses like other than getting a normal bed, as well as the training that is not paid extra , and when I inquired at other agencies have even been marketed up to $ 250. What is also important , people from agencies are with you and in the USA , and whatever you have to ask when you contact them they are very correct and everything is guaranteed in addition to the normal visa . What I was especially thrilled to transport which they provide from airport to apartment and back. Good job really .

Rafa    Serbia     Positive    

Nemanja    Serbia     Positive    

continental pools, gaithersburg, MD, Work Abroad

August 6, 2016

More less everything turned out ok .... a little lack of work hours per week.

Milos Djurovic    Serbia     Positive    

Continental Pools, Annapolis, Work Abroad

August 6, 2016

I would not have any major objections to the agency. Thanks Boza for everything. I will go again next summer through the same agency.

Nemanja    Serbia     Positive    

Continental Pools INC, Weymouth, MA, Work Abroad

August 6, 2016

The agency is great , everything was well organized .

Bojana    Serbia     Positive    

Continental pools, Baltimore, Maryland, Work Abroad

August 6, 2016

Everything that is agreed with this agency is respected , I am very pleased with their organization and what was available at any point, would provide the answers to our questions

Sandra Djokovic    Serbia     Positive    

Continental Pools, Annapolis, Maryland, Work Abroad

August 6, 2016

Regarding the agencies have only words of praise. First of all I want to emphasize professionalism Dusan Stojanovic . Fast and short , yet complete and concise answers, the quality of communication with this guy . Its availability from the moment of registration in the program to return to Serbia is a story in itself . Most I mean sincerity of his words and complete openness in which I presented the program is absolutely real and without the instant of exaggeration ! And during the program , the level of communication with his hand was on the same or even higher level . In a word any professional you will rarely find in Serbia ( Works as an American ! : D ) !

Neđo    Serbia     Positive    

Continental Pools, Rockville, Maryland, Work Abroad

August 3, 2016

Recruiters from the agency are friendly, always available to answer your questions and help to prepare for the journey. They strive to provide the best students , and real are about presenting conditions and expectations at work and general life in America .

Jovana Maksimovic    Serbia     Positive    

High Sierra Pools, Virginia, Alexandria, VA, Work Abroad

August 3, 2016

Absolutely all the praise for Dusan and agency !! At any time of the day inquiries to the program until the end we had the trust and support . I think that's the most important thing , and I thank them for that! Also, we had all provided as we were told , starting from the apartments, to the pool , schedule ... Personally, I am more than satisfied ! Warmly recommend!!!

Marija Kovacevic    Serbia     Positive    

High Sierra Pools, Washington DC, Work Abroad

July 30, 2016

I do not have any objection to the work of people in the agency. All are professionally carried out the work in conjunction with paperwork with all the things that we needed to go . Agency will not be changed ... but I'll change dollars for euros ...

Nesa    Serbia     Positive    

Silver Spring, Continental Pools, Work Abroad

July 28, 2016

For an agency I can only say praise from interview at the embassy , to return to Serbia.

Stefan Dimcic    Serbia     Positive    

High Sierra Pools, Washington, Maryland, Work Abroad

July 28, 2016

All praise for agency . Good cooperation . The agency tried to always be in the right place and we do not have any trouble during the program . We had the full support while we were over in a white world. Really no complaints about the agency.

Alek Armbruster    Serbia     Positive    

Congressional Country Club,Gaithersburg, MD, Work Abroad

July 26, 2016

I am satisfied with the agency, all the praise .

S.S.    Serbia     Positive    

Continental Pools, Virginia beach, VA, Work Abroad

July 16, 2016

Great experience! :) Dušan was attentive , polite, perform all obligations on time, for all that we were filling and delivering of documentation gave an incredibly detailed instructions (even with a graphical explanation : D). All praise for the organization , which has not stopped with its job after arriving in America, we regularly receive e-mails with announcements , tips and all the necessary information . If you decide to work as lifeguard , flights are bought through an agency ( I flew with 20 other people from the same agency with whom I was in the camp - more about that later , and the fun started already during the boarding of the plane at the airport Nikola Tesla ) : D As for me personally, Dusan was willing to help and about private issues (travel after the season ) and all sorts of nonsense that I could think of and asked him : D All praise !! :)

Marina Miloradović    Serbia     Positive    

Continental Pools, Billerica, Work Abroad

July 16, 2016

Fulfill all expectations !

Bojana K.    Serbia     Positive    

Continental Pools, Gaithersburg, Work Abroad

July 16, 2016

I have no negative comment . Everything was great.

Zorica    Serbia     Positive    

Continental Pools, Leesburg, Work Abroad

July 15, 2016

I am pleased with the work of the Agency , in particular the work of Dusan which is in preparation and paperwork was always there to help us , regularly respond to calls as well as e-mails , the Mint is doing his job . Each of praise for the work .

Milica    Serbia     Positive    

Continental Pools, Rockville, Work Abroad

July 15, 2016

Recommendations for work.

Aleksandar    Serbia     Positive    

Continental Pools Inc, Silver Spring, Work Abroad

July 15, 2016

The agency is very professional , whatever we said or promised so it was , from work to the accommodation or anything else ... In all were equal and honest regarding what chances we have for each night ... All the best , each cast at work !!

Semir    Serbia     Positive    

Continental Pools, Rockville, Work Abroad

July 11, 2016

All praise for the agency , everything turns out the way to us and told the Belgrade - Residential , business, earnings. I thank Dusan the office on Vozdovac , contact him if you plan to burn the USA . They also have an office in Nis.

Marija    Serbia     Positive    

Continental Pools, Boston, Work Abroad

July 11, 2016

I went through an agency Work Abroad , I wanted to go as a lifeguard and I heard that they are the best for this purpose. And really everything was we talked a price program was ridiculous small in comparison to others ($ 700 of which us $ 250 back at the end of the last check) . They're not known, but I went on the recommendation of a friend and I'm definitely going again this year.

DuKa    Serbia     Positive    

Continental Pools, Inc, Bethesda, MD, Work Abroad

July 9, 2016

When I first went to America, I had doubts which agency to contact, in a multitude of them, it was hard to choose the right, then my friend recommend me an agency with which he went. This agency is called Work Abroad, and they are not only good they are the best! They helped me to finish all my necessary documentation on time, in the choice of location of the transaction and apartments were very real, and everything they say about it was fulfilled. One very important factor to choose this agency was the financial part, in fact, not only as one of the most suitable agency with us, but the payment system is very good and almost imperceptible because you don't have to pay all at once. For my stay in America they made sure to be even more beautiful than I've planned it, they took me to the ocean, on a tour of various cultural monuments of all the major capitals of Eastern coast, various meetings, parties, water parks, amusement parks, roller coasters and all of it for free! Of course they cared about my job, about how people treat me, and helped me in finding another job while I was there. And at the end of my stay there, they gave me a couple of offers for the most attractive locations in the USA and the environment, either by road, by air and water trafic, and all at the best prices. Because of all this, I decided for the second time to give them confidence, and I repented. Exchanging experiences with other members of the work and travel program who went with other agencies I was sure that the agency WORK ABROAD is one of the best and most accessible agencies.

Zeljko Bakic    Serbia     Positive    

B&B, Cape Cod, MA, Work Abroad

July 9, 2016

All praise for Dusan Stojanovic , he gave me maximum help. I am very happy with cooperation.

Marija    Serbia     Positive