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Morgans’s Pier, Philadelphia, PA, Ayusa

February 5, 2018

Very friendly people, capable and ready to answer all questions. They provide all the necessary information. I have only good words for people from the agency.

Igor    Serbia     Positive    

716 restaurant, Buffalo, NY, Ayusa

January 29, 2018

The agency is great. Everything was correct.

Marija    Serbia     Positive    

Polar Bear Gift Shop, Anchorage, Alaska, Ayusa

December 15, 2017

Someone made a mistake with my start date and when I told them, they behave nonchalantly. So I went 15 days earlier thinking that the employer would allow me to start working as already agreed, but this didn't happen because it is America.

Lidija Šalipur    Serbia     Neutral    

High Sierra Pools, Marlborough, Massachusetts, Ayusa

December 4, 2017

I will recommend Ayusa to everyone, because they are very organized and always are there to help and answer to all yours questions.

Milica Djordjevic    Serbia     Positive    

OPL, Whalewatch company, Bar Harbor, Maine, Ayusa

November 3, 2017

Excellent communication with students, they did not make us buy tickets through them, they regularly answered us on e-mails while we stayed in America, all in all warm recommendation to everyone.

Kristina Pavlovic    Serbia     Positive    

High Sierra Pools, Alexandria, Virginia, Ayusa

October 31, 2017

Excellent experience, people from the agency are very nice and professional. All recommendations.

Stefan Milojevic    Serbia     Positive    

The Home Depot, Fairbanks, Alaska, Ayusa

October 30, 2017

All employees from Ayusa agency are very correct and willing to help with the choice of job, as well as provide a lot of useful information.

Lidija Stokić    Serbia     Positive    

Sea Crest Beach Hotel, Falmouth, MA, Ayusa

October 25, 2017

All praises for the agency. They were always ready to answer all my questions and to help whenever needed.

Aleksandar Mijatović    Serbia     Positive    

High Sierra Pools, Washington DC, Ayusa

October 23, 2017

Great communication, positive staff.

Petar Radosavljevic    Serbia     Positive    

High Sierra Pools, Washington DC, Ayusa

October 20, 2017

Everyone was very positive, friendly and helpful. Very responsive and helpful whenever you need them.

Boban Petrovic    Serbia     Positive    

Windsong Lodge, Seward, Alaska, AYUSA

October 19, 2017

Very responsible, reliable and accurate .... All praise.

Irena Birovljevic    Serbia     Positive    

High Sierra Pools, Laurel, Maryland, Ayusa

October 17, 2017

Excellent communication with members of the agency, all recommendations.

Aleksandar Naskovic    Serbia     Positive    

High Sierra Pools, Rockville, MD, AYUSA

October 14, 2017

Excellent experience. Warmly recommend everyone.

Nikola Raic    Serbia     Positive    

High Sierra Pools, Clarksburg, MD, Ayusa

October 14, 2017

Milena and Nikola are great, they help a lot in choosing job and place! Agency support throughout the duration of the program. Super experience! Branch in Nis.

Miljana Vucelic    Serbia     Positive    

Subway, Denali National Park, Alaska, Ayusa

October 12, 2017

Excellent experience, they were correct, responsible, all the best.

Srdjan Ostojic    Serbia     Positive    

HAP, Denali, Alaska, Ayusa

October 12, 2017

Satisfied with cooperation, effective reporting and help for any problem.

Marija Stanojevic    Serbia     Positive    

High Sierra Pools, Clarksburg, MD, Ayusa

October 11, 2017

Very pleasent.

Dorde    Serbia     Positive    

Subway, Denali National Park, Alaska, Ayusa

October 11, 2017

Very good and correct people, beautiful experience with this program, i would like to go again definitely.

Aleksandar Kosic    Serbia     Positive    

High Sierra Pools, Springfield, Virginia, Ayusa

October 10, 2017

Great experience with nice people, who helping students with every misunderstood.

Andrija Rajkovic    Serbia     Positive    

High Sierra Pools, Glen Burnie, Maryland, Ayusa

October 10, 2017

Very helpful through whole program.

Balsa    Serbia     Positive    

Litterers food court, Ocean City, New Jersey, AYUSA

October 9, 2017

My experience is very positive. All of them are ready to cooperate and help. They helped us for everything we needed. Job offers are very good, they are trying to fulfill your wishes and expectations, Next year I will go to the program with same agency, really I have to say just good words about them!

Ana    Serbia     Positive    

High Sierra Pools, Washington DC, AYUSA

October 9, 2017

They are amazing! Absolutely best agency in Serbia. Everything I ever needed and even more they did for me. There was no phone call they didn`t answer for, email they didn`t repli on or information they didn`t provide to me. I could reach them 24 hours a day and get all the answers I was searching for. I warmly recommend them.

Jelena Ercegovic    Serbia     Positive    

Harbor View Hotel, EDGARTOWN MA, AYUSA

September 20, 2017

A lot of support before departing for America, during the duration of the program and after that. All recommendations for the team from Nis.

Nikola Bogdanovic    Serbia     Positive    

Sea Mist Resort, Myrtle Beach, SC, Ayusa

September 17, 2017

Well done about their part of the job, they could give us a little more useful and relevant information about the place we were going to.

Stefan    Serbia     Neutral    

Fountainhead developments, Fairbanks, AYUSA

May 31, 2017

Everything was good, always up to date, although I did not like how they send business proposals and how these offerings are described but very good experience with them, probably the best agency judging by the experiences of people with whom I worked.

Nikola    Serbia     Positive    

Casino Pier, Seaside Heights, NJ, Ayusa

January 18, 2017

Experience with the agency was excellent. Very professional team of people, correct and ready to help at any time.

Vladimir    Serbia     Positive    

Ocean Edge Golf and Resort Club, Brewster, MA, Ayusa

December 27, 2016

Members of the agency are at all times be available, especially Dusan Baros who has always responded in record time. Each step up the departure was well organized and prepared.

Marija Milovanovic    Serbia     Positive    

Bacara Resort and Spa, Santa Barbara, CA, AYUSA

December 27, 2016

The Agency is very correct, employees always help students and are there to help whatever you need! My recommendation.

Nikola    Serbia     Positive    

Home Depot, Casper,Wyoming, Ayusa

December 19, 2016

They are ok, not conditional for ticket and mostly all respect what is in the contract. The only thing I did not like the story of "as soon as possible to check in, you get the job faster and choose the best position" that was not in my case, and a few people who know where they were going through them.

Aleksandar    Serbia     Neutral    

Home depot, Casper, Wyoming, Ayusa

December 19, 2016

They didn't help me a lot, many times when I called them before departure to the United States they didn't answer.

Tina    Serbia     Neutral    

High Sierra Pool, Lorton, Virginia, Ayusa

November 23, 2016

I'm really satisfied with my w&t experience. For agency Ayusa heard from my friends. Also, I found the positive feedback from many students just at this site. So I finally decided I visited the office in Nis, but I was asking and the other agencies to make sure that you choose. I immediately liked the professional approach Ayusa. I was informed about everything that was needed and I was able to ask their questions. When I decided to Ayusa soon after the interview with the representative of the company High Sierra (lifeguard job), which was in English, but in a very positive and friendly atmosphere. Then you can ask questions to the presenter, Mark, and for all time in the US will be able to contact him if you have any doubts or problems. The training for the rescuers crossed we are not only material, but our Milena and Marko, as they themselves have extensive experience in lifeguarding, explained how to easily and more fully come to America in general. That part to me was really important because it is something that is not in the book for training, while the requisite overcome through the three days of the training, the most practical. I remember we had a meeting only in respect of life in America, and so on stamping. They were real, and now I see that everything you said is really so. Culture shock and various some challenges in America, it can happen and it's all natural. Essentially all that is required of any e-mails we received, not only when something needs to be paid, but also a reminder for important dates, the most important part of the book (which I headed in the hard copy received), various instructions. On sighting the girl was waiting for us from the agency, she has collected documents that are relevant to the agency, but from what I hear, all registered in the Niš office received a visa. I got a place to me and said that I get and what is in the contract, so that part has been respected. Only if it's important to be in a particular state, the log before the new year. because the later is likely to remain only city in Virginia. I enlisted in late January and went to Virginia, but otherwise I wanted DC environment. I know that some people i went in pairs or in groups, there is also a possibility.

Aleksandar    Serbia     Positive    

High Sierra Pools, Washington, DC, Ayusa

November 19, 2016

They are excellent. Agency Ayusa is certainly one of most popular, but with reason. I had a positive experience with another agency but I think that's what separates Ayusa from other agencies access to and the way they do their job. Boys and girls who work in the agency were sent to each and every part of the program, and most importantly talking from experience. From the very beginning I have collaborated with Mark (the guy in charge mainly for students who are interested in the job of rescuers) that is really fantastic. The guy who listens attentively to each individual and is always ready to help. I can safely say that all those who want to do the work of rescuers need right there to turn to because there is no question that you will not get accurate and quick response. Regarding the preparation for the interviews, collecting the necessary documentation, scheduling the interview at the embassy were more than organized. All that paper work part was done by a professional and timely manner. The only flaw was that they asked me at the embassy job offer to them the company did not submit a I had with him, or the failure promptly corrected.

Marija Ercegović    Serbia     Positive    

HAP, denali national park, Ayusa

November 19, 2016

I am satisfied with the agency and staff, honest and always there to help, each recommendation :)

Andjelina    Serbia     Positive    

Jeff Verzella, Wildwood, New Jersey, Ayusa

November 19, 2016

The best agency! I would recommend to everyone, price and quality are totally realistic, a large number of jobs, just log on time ;)

Aleksandra    Serbia     Positive    

Star Market, Dennis Port, MA, AYUSA

November 17, 2016

I had no need to contact the agency, which means that everything was fine.

Ognjen    Serbia     Positive    

High Sierra Pools, Rockville, MD, AYUSA

November 17, 2016


Nikola    Serbia     Positive    

High Sierra Pools, Rockville, Maryland, AYUSA

November 9, 2016

Everything was like they said.

Zoran    Serbia     Positive    

Princess, Healy, Alaska, Ayusa

November 7, 2016

Maximal positive.

Andrija Pejatovic    Serbia     Positive    

High Sierra Pools, Frederick, AYUSA

November 6, 2016

Beautiful experience, AYUSA comply with the maximum! All the best!

Aleksandar Pavlović    Serbia     Positive    

High sierra pools, Woodbrige, Virginia, Ayusa

November 6, 2016

Very professional agency, they helped us with everything, during our stay in America we are able to rely on them for everything we need, I recommend it to everyone.

Aleksandar    Serbia     Positive    

Fountainhead development, FAIRBANKS,AK, Ayusa

November 5, 2016

Good as always.

Katarina    Serbia     Positive    

Home Depot , Anchorage, Alaska, Ayusa

November 3, 2016

Totally correct agency. From the explanation of the program, patience, job fairs to the meeting before the departure of, all super done.

Nevena    Serbia     Positive    

Home Depot, Fairbanks, Alaska, AYUSA

November 2, 2016

They have done their part of job ok, maybe a little better organization possible at the job fair, but in essence all ok.

Aleksandar    Serbia     Positive    

Mt Olympus, Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, Ayusa

November 1, 2016

Experience with the agency AYUSA is positive, and I have not a bad word about them. Complete freedom in the choice of air tickets, a large number of bids in almost every part of America, and always respond to any questions about the program. As for the sponsorship agency Intrax, very bad experience at the time when Mt. Olympus me fired and threatened expulsion from the accommodation, the people of Intrax told me 'it is best to go home' 'and any further assistance they would not have provided, and tried to convince me that I was not fired, but I had to get out because I accommodation more busy in Mt. Olympus: D.

Luka    Serbia     Positive    

High Sierra Pools, Gaithersburg MD, Ayusa

November 1, 2016

Agency is phenomenal, open all, without exaggeration, all complied, even more than that.

Branislav    Serbia     Positive    

Polar Bear Gifts, Anchorage, Alaska, Ayusa

October 31, 2016

The positive experience as pertain cooperation with the agency. Here were the answers to all my questions (and there were maybe too much: D) in the shortest period of time. I would especially commend Dusan.

Katatina Babic    Serbia     Positive    

Shaws Star Market, Harwich, Ayusa

October 31, 2016

Everything was as planed. Agency was there always when I needed help. I am mostly satisfied with my experience with agency.

Danilo Ivkovic    Serbia     Neutral    

Shaws market, Falmouth, Massachusetts, Ayusa

October 27, 2016

Organized, correct.

Tamara    Serbia     Positive    

Harbor view, Edgartown, MA, AYUSA

October 25, 2016

Here, I am two years with the Ayusa at the W & T program, but I am in their stories since 2011 ... super team for socializing and detailed, and preparing you for a visa interview in detail :)

Teodora    Serbia     Positive    

Shaw’s supermaket, East Falmouth, MA, Ayusa

October 25, 2016

Ok cooperation, fair and correct.

Nevena    Serbia     Positive    

Landing at the Sunset Island, Ocean City, Maryland, Ayusa

October 24, 2016

Absolutely competent, timely and professional.

Dunja    Serbia     Positive    

High Sierra Pools, Herndon, Virginia, Ayusa

October 21, 2016

Best regards, Ayusa is good agency, they answer on the time. Employer are the best. And If you have question, just ask.

Zoran    Serbia     Positive    

High Siera Pools, Woodbridge, Virginia, Ayusa

October 20, 2016

Everything was correct, any communication is at the top level. Any help that you need are there to help, both before departure and for the duration of the program.

Aleksa    Serbia     Positive    

High Sierra Pools, Greenwich, Connecticut, AYUSA

October 19, 2016

Everything was perfect.

Adrijan Zuza    Serbia     Positive    

Hyatt Regency, Incline Village, Nevada, Ayusa

October 19, 2016

Agency is very carefull, they were answering on all our questions and helped us with all our problems.

Dusan Dramicanin    Serbia     Positive    

harbor, Edgartown, ayusa

October 18, 2016

Great service, always accessible.

Simona    Serbia     Positive    

High Sierra Pools, Germantown, Maryland, Ayusa

October 17, 2016

Excellent cooperation. They answered on every question I had and they helped me a lot with the preparation.

Saska Jankovic    Serbia     Positive    

High Sierra Pools, Bethesda, MD, Ayusa

October 17, 2016

People from agency are absolutely professional, i found that they are really hard working persons. Highly recommended

Marko Misic    Serbia     Positive    

High Sierra Pools, Alexandria, Virginia, AYUSA

October 15, 2016

My experience with the agency is very good. Before applying them I was, maybe, a little boring about everything, people had patience and understanding, taking the time to answer my questions :) 100. After logging in, we were regularly informed about everything, about the process and so on.

Dzemil Jakupovic    Serbia     Positive    

Denali National Park, Denali Alaska, AYUSA

October 13, 2016

Good work, although the price of the entire program was bigger than prices of all agencies at the time.

Aleksandar Vukadinovic    Serbia     Positive    

High Sierra pools, Washington, DC, Ayusa

October 13, 2016

Great experience with the agency from the beginning to the end of the program. They are very professional, but at the same time very friendly, they try (or are simply good at it: D) ​​to remember the names of the participants of the program, introduce them despite the professional, have a friendly attitude. Preparing for an interview with the employer at the embassy, ​​and I go to the USA are well designed and very helpful, especially for students who for the first time participate in the program. Another big plus (for me) is that they do not compel students to them over the piles of flights, but certainly advise shopping around. Real are when they talk about the possible result and situations that are waiting for you at work. I noticed, too, that this year the pass rate of students from the agency on the sighting was quite large and I believe it has to do with reputation and tradition that the agency has. Especially, I pointed out that we during some potentially problematic situation in America Marko and Dusan courtesy, although the situation was not even their responsibility, nor were they required to help us, but they are really misplaced it all goes right, as later i was. Excellent communication and support during the lifetime of the program. :) Really all praise (I sound like an advertisement, Hahahaha)

Marina Miloradović    Serbia     Positive    

Shaw’s Market, Falmouth, MA, Ayusa

October 10, 2016

All in all a fair and correct, fulfilled our every request, visited us in the workplace, we had good communication

Jelena    Serbia     Positive    

High Sierra Pools, Alexandria,Virginia, AYUSA

October 8, 2016

The Agency is very organized and very professional from the beginning until the end so I'm very satisfied with the work of the agency and I will apply for program through them again next year .

Djordje Nikolic    Serbia     Positive    

High Sierra Pools, Gaithersburg, AYUSA

October 8, 2016

Very good and honest cooperation

Petar    Serbia     Positive    

Harbor View Hotel, Edgartown, MA , AYUSA

October 6, 2016

Extremely positive, all that is promised by the agency is filled to the maximum. The agency was available 24/7 for any problem that I encountered in America even if the problem was not directly connected to them than, in my case, with the airline. Absolutely wonderful experience and wonderful people. Greetings to Milena from Nis's office

Marijana    Serbia     Positive    

High Sierra Pools, Germantown,Maryland, AYUSA

October 6, 2016

I'm very satisfied with services and agencies work . All information regarding the program and documentation I received a detailed and timely. Excellent support for the duration of the program.

Nikola    Serbia     Positive    

High Sierra Pools, Glen Burnie, Maryland, AYUSA

October 5, 2016

Excellent co-operation, they are always there for you whatever you need as soon as possible. Without lies and stalling as you say it is so.

Matija Petric    Serbia     Positive    

High Sierra Pools, Boston, MA, AYUSA

October 5, 2016

My experience with this agency is positive and would recommend the same to everyone. After reporting on the program interested get real information about what they can expect from the program of work, wages and so on. No lies, no deception. Students in America are not left on their own but have the support of the agency when they arrive there, which is very important.

Sandra    Serbia     Positive    

Hilton Garden Inn, Washington, DC, Ayusa

October 5, 2016

Excellent cooperation before and during the program and advices

DUSICA PAVLOVIC    Serbia     Positive    

High Siera Pools , Gaithersburg MD , Ayusa

October 5, 2016

Great, the agency is phenomenal! Who wants to go as a lifeguard from Marko Ayuso if you literally explain everything.

Branislav    Serbia     Positive    

Mt Olympus, Wisconsin dells, WI, AYUSA

August 16, 2016

They're very good , adhered to each part of the contract.

Tamara Krstic    Serbia     Positive    

High Sierra Pools,Washington, DC, AYUSA

August 14, 2016

Responsibility , reliability , efficiency , engagement , kindness .

Branislav Todorović    Serbia     Positive    

Hard Rock Cafe, Myrtle Beach, AYUSA

August 14, 2016

I had no complaints , except for some few things .

Ivan    Serbia     Positive    

Shaw’s, East Falmouth, MA, Ayusa

August 14, 2016

During my stay in the USA , I was constantly in contact with people from the agency .

Nenad Mitrovic    Serbia     Positive    

Princess Cruises, Fairbanks, Alaska, AYUSA

August 14, 2016

Since the time I figured out that it is not much more to the agency , I wasn't annoyed about things which they could not help me . Otherwise , if you are going to Alaska , be sure to go through AYUSA because for years have the highest offer .

Milana    Serbia     Positive    

High Sierra Pools, Washington, Virginia, AYUSA

August 14, 2016

Responsible , azure

Lifeguard    Serbia     Positive    

Lagoon, Salt Lake CIty, Utah, AYUSA

August 13, 2016

I did not need .

Vladimir Nikolic    Serbia     Neutral    

The Fudgery, Duck, NC, AYUSA

August 13, 2016

The agency helped in almost everything and perfectly explain all the rules , terms , how and what I should do ...

Jelena Stankovic    Serbia     Positive    

the fudgery, Myrtle Beach ,South Carolina , AYUSA

August 13, 2016

They are awesome :D

tijana petric    Serbia     Positive    

Lagoon amusment park, FARMINGTON, UTAH, AYUSA

August 13, 2016

Always available and honest.

Katarina    Serbia     Positive    

Princes tours, Anchorage Alaska, AYUSA

August 11, 2016

Better offer of employment, biger effort about it ...

Princes crew    Serbia     Neutral    

Busch gardens, Williamsburg, VA, AYUSA

August 10, 2016

Very satisfied , 2 times I've been through them in America

Natalija Nesovanovic    Serbia     Positive    

Seashore Park Inn, Orleans, Cape Cod, AYUSA

August 10, 2016

Very satisfied , 2 times I've been through them in America .

Natalija Nesovanovic    Serbia     Positive    

Home Depot, Anchorage, Alaska, AYUSA

August 9, 2016

All maximum correctly and professionally . Mostly I contacted Dusan Baros for all the questions I had. He answered virtually instantly on e - mails at any time of day or night.

Harun Gogic    Serbia     Positive    

Nantucket inn, Nantucket,Massachusetts, AYUSA

August 9, 2016

The second year that I am going through them , and I'll probably go on the third too. Maximum correct in every aspect.

Ognjen Vasiljevic    Serbia     Positive    

Shaw’s, Wakefield-Narragansett, Ayusa

August 9, 2016

I signed up in December , counting is not too late, expecting that I will get the desired place or the other of them just say . Many times I applied for interviews but was rebuffed, often under the pretext that there is a lot of people in front of me . I can say that this was the Minimum 3.4 times . The answer that I received from the agency is' do not be picky , "and then offer me the place where the interest is zero . In the interview with San Diego and the famous conversation we were all rejected for reasons unknown to us personally . During my problems in the US with a schedule Intrax has not invested a minute of time to help us with solving this problem. The answer we received from Intrax is to look for a job in Mecca. Deck from Russia refused to offer when he found another job and sent to the employer that he can not work here .

Marko    Serbia     Neutral    

Panera Bread, New York, New York, AYUSA

August 9, 2016

The employer did not put us on schedule. Mail that is sent to them on the issue did not have any character, only referred us to write to Intrax . ( In this story Ayusa is only an intermediary , a Intrax the one through which you actually receive a visa and everything else ) Also before going to America for those who do not know.. advantage in obtaining a job has one who first apply, which means who ever apply later to the program has less chances to get the job he want . We signed up in December and we were in a group of late reported . Therefore for virtually every job that we wanted we did not have the advantage.

Katarina    Serbia     Negative    

Denali national park, Denali Alaska, AYUSA

August 9, 2016

Attach a lot of attention working with students , I am satisfied .

Vladimir Mitic    Serbia     Positive    

Grande Denali, Denali nacionalni park, Aljaska, AYUSA

August 9, 2016

Very responsible .

Tatjana Popov    Serbia     Positive    

Amazing picture, Myrtle beach, AYUSA

August 9, 2016

For agency AYUSA imparting all say praise and commendation from the organization itself from the Belgrade to the contact from the USA , I mean that in the SRB have no competition definitely are no1 !

Milos Vuletic    Serbia     Positive    

Bacara Resort & Spa, Santa Barbara, CA, AYUSA

August 9, 2016

The agency is excellent , have a great relationship with the students . Help with any problems , and on the time all do. I am very pleased with the agency .

Maja Lazić    Serbia     Positive    

Ocean Properties – The Sagamore Resort, Bolton Landing, NY, AYUSA

August 9, 2016

They were ok , not me something thrilled , though I doubt it would be that the agency was thrilled ... For the money that they took not see what I got . I wanted to go to the east coast , but by December when I signed on, almost did not get any offers . Should I go back I would definitely went the self program .

M    Serbia     Neutral    

U.S. Aquatics, Lansdowne, VA, AYUSA

August 9, 2016

I was late in applying for the program , and I didn't had a great variety of jobs

Djuricic Nenad    Serbia     Neutral    

Busch Gardens, Williamsburg Virginia, AYUSA

August 9, 2016

3 times I went to America at different places , but always with AYUSA because I'm more than satisfied with their work

Natalija Nesovanovic    Serbia     Positive    

high sierra pools, Amherst MA, AYUSA

August 9, 2016

Very satisfied with the work of the agency itself while we were preparing to leave, they are quite committed to the job

Marko Janicijevic    Serbia     Positive    

Princess, Denali Alaska, AYUSA

August 7, 2016

Twice I went through these agency, 2013 and 2014, and I have only words of praise

Natasa Todorovic    Serbia     Positive    

Samoset Resort, Rockport, ME, AYUSA

August 7, 2016

All the best to work with students

Mirjana Racic    Serbia     Positive    

Sea shore park inn, Orleans, Cape Cod, AYUSA

August 7, 2016

I am very pleased I went for two more years with them after

Natalija Negovanovic    Serbia     Positive    

Microtell, Anchorage, Alaska, AYUSA

August 7, 2016

Nothing in particular

D. IVIC    Serbia     Neutral    

Denali National Park, Denali, Alaska, AYUSA

August 7, 2016

Whatever it took to do whatever I addressed, they helped me , so I have no objections to their work

Darko Vukadinovic    Serbia     Positive    

Ivan Dragic    Serbia     Positive    

home depot, anchorage ,alaska, AYUSA

August 7, 2016

Everything was great

Ivan Dragic    Serbia     Positive    

Grand hotel, Alaska, AYUSA

August 6, 2016

Were good , and devote a lot of time for any questions give real answers

Bosko Martinovic    Serbia     Positive    

Hard Rock Cafe, Myrtle beach South Carolina, AYUSA

August 6, 2016

We were sent to a company in which we could do nothing to earn , Hard Rock Cafe.

Jovana Letica    Serbia     Negative    

Hard Rock, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, AYUSA

August 6, 2016

Their relationship from the start with new faces , because all the time occupied attitude that students should know all about the work and travel program. Negligence in prescribing a date for the working license, because I am convinced that their irresponsibility led to the later start to work . They were not sufficiently up to date. It has been said that a particular person would be in the office during the year , I sent the mail , the response I received after returning to Serbia and to the left of the very person. I heard that the most expensive of all agencies engaged in this program. Menu is still not clear what amount I paid to those who gave them before leaving.

Vera Tejić    Serbia     Negative    

Vanderbil Grace Hotel, Newport, RI, AYUSA

August 6, 2016

I'm pretty satisfied with the agency, all they said, they complied with, always ready to answer all your questions, you will have a lot of them , especially if you are traveling first time and alone like I did :) i had a very good offer for business, warmly recommend it to everyone.

Sanja    Serbia     Positive    

Hard Rock Cafe, Pittsburgh, Pennsilvanya, AYUSA

August 5, 2016

What was they needed to do was all done as expected.

Geronimo    Serbia     Positive    

Mount Olympus, Wisconsin Dells,Wisconsin, AYUSA

August 5, 2016

In agency work 3 to 4 people aged between 25 and 35 years old .. Each of them was at least 2-3 times a work and travel .. and speak English perfectly, finished the Faculty and very serious .. As far as I figured they did not someone I opened the agency and who's going to make you fucking that arrives, someone who will give you fits or does not respond to e-mails if a whim, someone who will give you the sale price fetched .. but they have an older shrieks which has some 60 years and that the grid continuously and its agencies so that they try and do their job .. I really extremely correct! All praise, I had not hardly connection or a similar bass have tried about everything and have patience .. Here's the second time I signed up and wait slowly and new offers, which normally arrive by e-mail only to people who pay the first installment and in that way application and enter the system .. so no offers can be found on the site .. I am a asked 50 people through the net and asked around and the agency listed this site and forums and so I decided for this agency (my happiness) after I I heard a lot of negative experiences for a variety of agencies and agency selection was my biggest fear in particular ..

Ognjen Vasiljevic    Serbia     Positive    

Princess/Denali Bluffs Hotel, Denali National Park, Alaska, AYUSA

August 5, 2016

Professional and azure . Whatever you're interested in giving advice and assistance . Recommendation 100 %

Ivana I.    Serbia     Positive    

Westmark Hotel and Conference Center, Fairbanks, AK, AYUSA

August 3, 2016

They were correct , were duly responded to e-mails . They always tried to help . They fully respect the agreement . I have no complaints .

DK    Serbia     Positive    

High sierra pools, Washington DC, AYUSA

August 2, 2016

Responsible , effective and expeditious agency that with their professional approach in the best possible way solve all the tasks that it will be expected to do.

Dusan    Serbia     Positive    

Shaws, East Falmouth, Massachusetts, AYUSA

August 2, 2016

All in all, they were ok.

MILUTIN MIJUŠKOVIĆ    Serbia     Positive    

Holland America Princess, Fairbanks, AK, AYUSA

August 2, 2016

Correctly done their part of the job . As for the selections of the agency I would only note that it is very important to choose an agency based on the desired location. Simple, because, not all agencies offer all locations and some are " specialized" in certain places. Anyone who wants to go to Alaska I would without thinking recommend Ayusa.

Dejan DImitrijevic    Serbia     Positive    

Mount Olympus , Wisconsin Dells , Wisconsin, AYUSA

August 2, 2016

The agency is great , a lot of help in finding a job . Realistically say how many hours which company offers .

Jelena M    Serbia     Positive    

Mt. Olympus, Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, AYUSA

July 31, 2016

Everything was ok until I asked for some help ( a document ) of the agencies of the United States. I sent emails to various people from the agency or anything . Later, when I came back they remembered that we are looking for pictures from USA .

Aleksandar V.    Serbia     Neutral    

The Admiralty Inn, East Falmouth, Ma, AYUSA

July 30, 2016

Very good cooperation , all the praise .

Filip    Serbia     Positive    

Sea Crest Beach Hotel,North Falmouth, MA, AYUSA

July 30, 2016

Very good cooperation , all the praise .

Filip    Serbia     Positive    

Hyatt Regency, Incline Village, Nevada, AYUSA

July 29, 2016

I did not have much contact with them when I went to America but praise for the work before the departure. They give all the necessary information and are very quick when it comes to the visa interview ( some of them went in early March)

Danijela V    Serbia     Positive    

Oyster restaurant,Orleans, Cape Cod, MA, AYUSA

July 28, 2016

They are maximum dedicated to every student.

Stefan Jelic    Serbia     Positive    

Egg & I,Ogunquit ME, AYUSA

July 26, 2016

All praise for the agency , very professional . In contrast to the agency through which I went last year, AYUSA done their part , and not let your students to fill in certain forms themselves , because they do not have time .

Nikola K    Serbia     Positive    

The Pump House, Fairbanks, AYUSA

July 26, 2016

I do everything by myself because it was the second year to travel , so that the agency has not done anything special for me ...

Mix    Serbia     Neutral    

Hard Rock Cafe, Baltimore, MD, AYUSA

July 16, 2016

All praise to the mentioned agency and their promptness and help with everything that interests you while you are in Serbia and in the United States ...

Natalija    Serbia     Positive    

Asticou Inn, Northeast Harbor, AYUSA

July 16, 2016

All praise for the work of the agency.

Marina S.    Serbia     Positive    

High Sierra Pools, Sterling, AYUSA

July 16, 2016

All in all, agency is ok , except the price ...

Nikola    Serbia     Neutral    

Omni Parker House, Boston, Massachusets, AYUSA

July 15, 2016

Excellent cooperation , azure , responsible , professional and above all realistic. Unlike many other agencies , it will not sell you a fairy tale , but will tell you everything as it is . They don't condition you to buy the ticket through them. They are always ready to help and to answer any questions , really all recommendations.

Neda    Serbia     Positive    

High Sierra Pools, Boston, Massachusetts, AYUSA

July 15, 2016

I have applyed for Work & amp ; Travel program in late February , and I was forced to go through a bit demotivacione comments like " you will not be able to find a job , the job will find you " and " I do not know what are the chances that you find any kind of job except this one , and it is the job of rescuers . " Reading between the lines of this statement , I have accepted the fact that they will propose some not so popular and profitable job, which was left at that point, but desire to work in the United States would not let me , so I decided to say yes . Maybe people from the agencies were only realistic , not accusing , also do not deny that the individuals had very good experience with the same agency, but this is my personal experience . Passing this ( their or my ) failure , everything was in place, a very good organization , very nice people . Also, e-mails , notices , information (even down to the smallest detail) , all deadlines are respected fully.

2M    Serbia     Neutral    

McDonalds, North Cape May, AYUSA

July 15, 2016

In essence, the agency was fine, except for a few times to delay some things . It was a small issue on the date of sight , but in the end everything was fine.

Marija    Serbia     Positive    

Marguerite motel, Hampton Beach, AYUSA

July 15, 2016

Twice I went to America via the W & T program. The first time through AYUS agency and they are really OK .

Sale    Serbia     Positive    

Colege Works Painting, San Diego, AYUSA

July 13, 2016

The employer merely , but changed my job. But the papers were not ready on time, so I went to the embassy with the "old " paper. All other papers that I got were the (old ) Philadelphia, and I went to San Diego . When I arrived at immigration it took them a lot to see if they will let me go or not. Shorten my life .

Bojan    Serbia     Neutral    

Hannaford Supermarket, Wells, ME, AYUSA

July 11, 2016

Extra agency maksilano to Meet my expectations , real prices and hot deals

Sandra    Serbia     Positive    

Hard Rock Cafe, Myrtle Beach, AYUSA

July 11, 2016

Very good they were , all is done at time, without any problems and disagreements.

Duca    Serbia     Positive    

High Sierra Pools, Marlborough, AYUSA

July 11, 2016

They were correct . I expected more and better offers , the only thing I liked the offer Hard Rock Cafe on which I could not answer , and mostly dominated Alaska .

Elefteros    Serbia     Positive    

Sale    Serbia     Positive    

Aquatics, Lansdown DC, AYUSA

July 4, 2016

I checked in late in the program probably sometime in April , but they found me a job without a problem !

Nikola nikolin    Serbia     Positive    

Asticou Inn, Northeast Harbor, Maine, AYUSA

June 28, 2016

All recommendations for the agency. Answered to my 101 questions and complied with everything that was agreed. I got this job through an agency in 2013, and then I came back in 2014 independently through self program.

Petar    Serbia     Positive    

Hard Rock Cafe, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, AYUSA

June 17, 2016

The contract with the employer has not complied with, either in relation to working hours, not the beginning of the term of the contract is not ispostovan.Kada I had a problem, not the azure respond to e-mails that I sent to them, which I learned that myself definitely find solutions to problems.

Bojana    Serbia     Negative    

Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge, Talkeetna AK, AYUSA

June 11, 2016

I have no complaints about the work of the agency.

Maja Cancarevic    Serbia     Positive    

Mt. Olympus Resorts, Wisconsin Dells, AYUSA

May 15, 2011

All praise ... Until the last point of the contract is fulfilled ..

Jugi    Serbia     Positive