Xanterra Parks & Resorts, Canyon Village, Karavan Travel

Experience with agency Karavan Travel was neutral.
You should spend just in time to tell us as to the payment, but do not contact you 10 days in advance , so you pay for everything! The rest is all ok ...

Experience with location Canyon Village, WY was neutral.
It is possible to find extra work , but only in the beginning and at the end of the season , like in the middle of the season , July and August are full of students , so it is hard to find , and ... As for night life , here and there, but we made party the rooms , so we do not need anything from the clubs and both these things .... we had a pub or there sometimes were able to plant a party ... In this place there were about 500 ! All in all, if someone likes to party in the rooms or in the pub to hang out in this is the best option , but the location is such that you have no where to go or transport pedestrians , because the nearest city 100km and should leave the car! : D Accommodation: Accommodation is not really a big deal , I think for us students is quite decent , and as for the extra price ! We are 15 paid $ weekly accommodation, a $ 76 food cafeteria , 3 meals a day ... We had a common toilet and bath . In every room there were two by two ... I've never stayed on campus , so I was not anything special accommodations , for others it was ok ....

Experience with employer Xanterra Parks&Resorts was neutral.
8.2$,50$,1300$ Attaching the beds, wash basin , shower cabins, toilets , vacuuming , dusting , changing towels and making soaps and all other sitnicai it all for 30min . ! All the towels and bed linen , chemicals , soaps and various trinkets and wiping cloths , all of this is put into carts that are pulled up to 500m and difficult to 30kg ! Not an easy task , but after you get used to these things ... Here I was not doing anything in my life this is my first psao and it was difficult , but I said to myself that I can and I was persistent and I did it ... : D

This review represents personal opinion of Milos who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2011 with agency Karavan Travel, working at Xanterra Parks&Resorts in Canyon Village, WY.

Jul 11, 2016